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    Pin sharp detail and great colour Paul
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    Kingfisher at last

    Thanks again Guys, appreciated Paul
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    cormorant on a small pool

    Super set, crystal clear, really like the action in the 1st shot though Paul
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    Pair of Kingfishers

    Well spotted and well caught, am very jealous Paul
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    Wild Wild Mink

    Hi All, seen in the Lincolnshire Fens, massively cropped and the light was poor but I thought it unusual enough to be of interest 4b by Paul Elliott, on Flickr by Paul Elliott, on Flickr Paul
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    Wild Close encounter of the Hare kind

    Thanks Chris and Stu for looking, I appreciate your thoughts Paul
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    Kingfisher at last

    Thanks to all who have looked and particularly those who left a comment, much appreciated Paul
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    Wild Close encounter of the Hare kind

    Hi All, Came across this little one and watched it for 50 minutes, it knew I was there and just ignored me, kept on eating for England, I ended up sat on the grass and it kept coming closer and closer, it got to within about 3ft of me before it turned and ambled away 161 by Paul Elliott, on...
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    Kingfisher at last

    HI All, Have been struggling of late to catch any Kingfishers, thankfully yesterday one obliged 447 by Paul Elliott, on Flickr Paul
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    Mountain Hares in Blizzard (video)

    Wonderful to watch, loved it Paul
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    Wild Half listening

    Thanks for looking Guys, appreciated as always Paul
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    Wild Half listening

    Hi All, I think it was just half alert 113 by Paul Elliott, on Flickr Paul
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    Wild Brown Hare in early morning light

    Thanks to all for looking and especially those who left an encouraging comment, appreciated Paul
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    Brown Hares

    Smashing set, differing views and angles. I think the angle of light and of course type of light hitting the eye changes the appearance quite dramatically Paul
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    When they come to you

    Wonderful shots, often the best tactics just to sit and wait Paul