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    Equine shoot

    Beautiful pic, and that girl looks immaculate compared to how I used to look when I rode and cared for horses :lol:
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    Red squirrel

    Great picture
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    Beach Walk with Dog

    Not sure what to improve.. I think they're lovely :)
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    Low Level Jets, Difficult Backlight

    I like them think I'd prefer 1 less tightly cropped but not sure about 2
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    Monthly Commjo's 12/12

    Good luck!
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    Almscliffe Crag HDR

    Not usually a fan of HDR but I think this is beautiful :)
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    fashion shoot ive been working on...

    The bright sun seems to eat into the faces a little bit...
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    First attemp at Landscape Photography

    I personally really like 1-3 :)
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    Daily Penguins 366 day challenge - 2012 (day 14 added)

    Will update this later am shattered! spent yesterday at my longest ever day of work, so all i got was an iPhone snap of the sunrise through the window :(. I was out from 5am-10pm and not allowed my camera at work. By the time I got home I was shattered from running around a busy ward for 13...
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    Weekly blakester's 52 for 2012, Week 52 "Busy (Beach Party)" Post 1215 FINISHED

    I think your interpretation for sigh is the best I've seen. It really hit me seeing the tribute with the trails of a car going so fast. The colours don't work well for me though, Im not sure why :(
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    Daily Mr and Mrs West's Year of Change 366 for 2012 (366/366) -DONE!

    I love both. I don't often like selective colouring but I love that one :)
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    Daily Evil Onions 366

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    Daily Penguins 366 day challenge - 2012 (day 14 added)

    RTM button? Is that like a report button? Yep it was a couple of years ago actually and I literally stopped talking pictures or anything as I felt really ashamed :shake: But anyway for 2012 I decided to do the 365 thing to get into it a bit more again and then I found this forum and now...