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    So what FILM related pressie did Santa bring you this Christmas?

    I’ve ordered 10 rolls of T-Max P3200 from Analogue Wonderland, as a present to myself.
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    Now I've Done It.

    I never stopped using film but, over the past five years I’ve shot more and more film. My favourite Canon cameras are the A-1 and the T90. I had an EOS500 in the mid 90’s, it was a nice little camera with excellent exposure metering.
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    The Vintage + Classic Adapted Glass Thread

    I bought some Zuiko OM lenses to use on my X-Pro1. I liked them so much, I bought some OM cameras and went back to shooting film!
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    Lab-Box: A new type of Rondinax

    I’ve been using Rondinax tanks for twenty plus years. It’s great to see that someone has gone to the trouble of bringing out a 21st century version and I’m looking forward to reading a few reviews. The original 35mm version, only requires 200ml of developer so you have to keep rotating the...
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    The Official Fuji X Pro 1 Thread

    It’s all the camera you’ll ever need! I was an avid film user before I bought mine two years ago. I have only shot one roll of film since and I can’t see me going back to film. I love the 18mm f2 despite the corners being a touch soft. You only notice the soft corners, if you’re looking for them.
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    Holga, Toy, Charity Shop, Car Boot and other Bargains (film only please)

    That’s fine in theory but the dirt and grime inside the camera mixes into the oil and turns it into grinding paste. The probable cause of your mirror fault, is that the second shutter curtain isn’t closing with sufficient force and so the mirror return gear isn’t spinning aggressively enough...
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    Holga, Toy, Charity Shop, Car Boot and other Bargains (film only please)

    Photograph the exact orientation of that gear, remove it, clean it and refit it. Use the lightest machine oil you can find and re-test at 1/30 or slower.
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    Fuji X-E1/X-E2/X-E2S/X-E3 Owners Thread

    Why not get an extended front grip for it? It should feel more like you are holding a DSLR.
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    Fuji X-E1/X-E2/X-E2S/X-E3 Owners Thread

    Sorry, didn’t see you’d sold it! My settings do give the mono images more of a film “feel” though.
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    Fuji X-E1/X-E2/X-E2S/X-E3 Owners Thread

    In addition, sharpness +1 and noise reduction-1.
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    Looking like a camera fault?

    I used to be a camera repair tech and my guess is that it’s bad processing.
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    My new camera dilemma ,Help needed !

    Point taken. I think the main thing, for me, is that my widest full frame lenses are 24mm, so they give me the equivalent of 36mm on APS-C. On micro 4/3 they would give me 48mm. Really wide MF primes are rather expensive and I wanted to use what I’d already got. I have since bought a used Fuji...
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    ID 11 or Rodinal or microphen

    Try Rodinal 1:100 for 10 minutes used to work well when I was using it in a Minox subminiature camera. Of course, it was fresh film back then. Did you over expose it by two stops to overcome any fogging?
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    My new camera dilemma ,Help needed !

    Fuji X-E1. Cheap and relatively compact, especially if you get the 27mm f2.8 lens. The original X100 is cheap now and will give you lovely results. Both have APS-C sensors which will give you more dynamic range and better low light performance than micro 4/3 or a zoom compact.
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    Shanghai GP3 released in 135 format

    The only film I pre-wash generally, is T-Max.