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    Little Egret RSPB Lodmoor

    Taken on Wednesday
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    Grey Heron

    Taken at RSPB Lodmoor
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    Grey Heron

    RSPB Lodmoor
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    Grey Heron

    RSPB Lodmoor
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    Grey Heron

    RSPB Lodmoor
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    Coal Tit

    Thanks guys must have had a funny moment.
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    Coal Tit

    Taken this morning at RSPB Swell Wood Somerset.
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    Hi I have just got into Macro. This is my first attempt to post. Am using a canon 600D and Sigma 105 mm OS Macro lens.As it was a dull day I also used a Ring light.Hand held.Comments please
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    Reed Warbler (Juv)

    Taken through the window of the visitors center at RSPB Radipole (Sorry I originally put this in the wildlife section)
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    Reed Warbler (Juv)

    Taken through the window at RSPB Radipole Visitors Centre.
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    Hummingbird Hawk moth

    Hi Was in the garden with my Nikon bridge camera looking for butterfies when i saw this guy. Not a great shot but it shows the main points. Regards Pete
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    Expedite electronics

    Hi Has anyone purchased anything from them? Regards Pete
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    Getting permission of individuals in photographs.

    Hi Be like me stick to wildlife photography and you will not get that problem. Regards Pete
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    Squirrel grabbing his nuts.

    Aagh those nuts Pete
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    macro lens info

    Hi I have purchased a lens from these people (German) Prices are good at the moment due to the exchange rate. Most of their lenses are refubished to a very high standard.Very good service. I will certainly use them again. Regards Pete