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    Samsung 35mm 2.8 FE £144 delivered Amazon

    So, not to be confused with Samsung then? :)
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    Stolen cameras

    This might be of use - blocks the key...
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    Free ON1 effects 2019

    Once downloaded there's an update to download (Help/Check for updates) It doesn't like Photoshop CS5.1 64 bit even tho it recognises it during install. If I go to Filters>ON1 in PS the splashscreen appears then disappears and nothing happens. The program seems to work using the standalone...
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    Assigning copyright - what would you do?

    I support local charities and volunteer for a small national one (which doesn't have massive resources or pays a lot of people a lot of money). My point was that the charity sector has grown massively, needs tighter regulation and more accountability for the percentage of it's income that...
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    Assigning copyright - what would you do?

    Most charities are nothing more than businesses making money (some of which goes towards their charitable activity) and paying the salary of a number of well paid individuals. My experience is that if you give them an inch with your goodwill they'll take a mile. Will they reimburse or make a...
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    Security Camera.

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    Countryfile calendar photo competition.

    I thought the comp was only open to amateurs yet the winner appears to be a professional photographer with website & separate FB page for her business. The guy who runs the studio sessions for the mice has taken some flak too.
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    Hello from Glasgow...'ish!

    Hi & welcome to TP
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    South-West England Greetings

    Welcome to TP :)
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    Hi & welcome to the forums.
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    Should introduce myself

    Welcome back :)
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    Hello & welcome to the forums.
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    Hello & welcome to the forums.
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    Wales Hi. New member checking in.

    Hi & welcome to TP
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    Hi and crash course needed

    Hi & welcome to the forums