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    nightmare wedding

    If the B & G have had a meeting with the photographer then booked the photog based on having seen samples of their work, it would be more than fair to say that they would know the quality they are getting.
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    I can't agree with those above that this a great set. There appears to be some artifacting/halo-ing happening as well - particularly in #1 & #3 - probably from being over sharpened and it ruins the images. How heavily cropped are these? - my educated guess is that it would be fairly heavily...
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    new to photography - need some help

    ahh..good point. I wasn't even thinking about EF-s lenses.
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    new to photography - need some help

    haha... There seems to be a bit of that happening in this thread :-)
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    new to photography - need some help

    Hmmm.... I reckon you may have mis-read something or been given advice that is just plain wrong. You can't join two seperate lenses together to make longer focal length. Where you maybe getting confused is that due the size of its sensor, your 450D is what is known as a "crop body". That means...
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    What is going on?!

    Hmmm... You maybe right. Hasn't been back to the forum since posting these.
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    What is going on?!

    Your photos, particularly the ones of the group suggest otherwise. Half the group is in the shade, half in the sun. One would hope, nothing.
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    Useful motorsport settings?

    For Canon... AI Servo on, choose mode of preference - Tv, Av or manual, whatever frame rate you want, choose focus point for composition wanted, set shutter speed, ISO and aperture for desired result. Good to go.
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    What happens when a model release isn't signed...

    Here's another one. This time from global credit card company VISA 20. When an entrant submits/uploads any material in connection with the promotion, including a Photograph (“Content”), the entrant, unless the Promoter advises otherwise, licenses and grants the Promoter, its...
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    What happens when a model release isn't signed...

    Really...? Ever had a close look at the T's&C's for most competitions. Here's one running in Australia at the moment. Point 32 of their TC's & C's 32. When an entrant submits any materials via the Promotion including comments, recordings and images (e.g. photographs) (“Content”)...
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    What happens when a model release isn't signed...

    Ooops... Although it's not what happened in this case, this is the sort of thing that can happen when you enter photo competitions where the T's & C's stipulate that the photographer hand over copyright and all rights to the image to be used in perpetuity by those running the comp. Take heed...
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    Dingo On Fraiser Island, Australia

    That's a good looking specimen. They're fantastic animals which have received an undeserved bad reputation. Always wanted one as pet and might finally be able to have one soon. Not keen on the first pic - it's basically the south end of a north bound dog. The other two look to be a bit under...
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    I agree with the above, but also at my end, it appears to have a green cast to it - possibly from the light reflecting off the grass
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    Night Photography from new member

    I'm so wanting to say something.... Tongue...biting...hard.