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    The General Drone-Related Thread

    14.3 MB...:)
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    Anyone had a vaccine Jab?

    Had my first one on 16th December....
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    A Dartmoor pony

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    A Dartmoor pony

    It's a bit late now, but that would make a great Christmas card.....
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    Scotland Dumfries and Galloway suggestions

    Grey Mares Tail and Loch Skeen, including feral goats, "near" Moffat. Threave Castle, near Castle Douglas.
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    The General Drone-Related Thread

    Chrome is just another internet browser, like Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, etc., developed by Google. Edit: TCR4x4 beat me to it :)
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    Sound volume and other pages scrolling on their own Now sorted

    Do you have a wired mouse that you could try?
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    Pc ports

    I still use my Panasonic DV tape camera...
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    Problem with Canon CR2 files

    See if Irfanview displays it?
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    The General Drone-Related Thread

    Sunset, South West Scotland. Mavic Air 2.
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    Photos from PC to I Phone
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    Hardly ever use FaceAche. :)
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    The General Drone-Related Thread

    I don't know much about that one, but, in case it didn't come with the full user manual, it's here, if that's any help :)
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    delivering 300 plus images to multiple people

    This works for up to 2Gb.
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    The General Drone-Related Thread

    This any use?