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    The General Drone-Related Thread

    I don't know much about that one, but, in case it didn't come with the full user manual, it's here, if that's any help :)
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    delivering 300 plus images to multiple people

    This works for up to 2Gb.
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    The General Drone-Related Thread

    This any use?
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    North England North Yorkshire coastline
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    Wild Which do you prefer?

    The first, by a mile..... :)
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    Taken at Marwick Head in Orkney.
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    buying for the sake of it

    Covid cost me a Mavic Air 2 Combo :( (:):)) and high speed SD card to go with it. A lounge redecoration :( (Me) in payment for above. A telescope (Granddaughter). A motorised cleaning brush gadget from some obscure website (which seems to actually work) :( A Lightning to HDTV cable for our...
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    Battery damage

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    The General Drone-Related Thread

    Stayed at Auchenlarie a good few times. Caught bass from the beach there. Great area. :) I've a holiday home (caravan) about 53 miles from GOF. Looking forward to testing my new Mavic Air 2 there (when I collect it tomorrow), when Ms Sturgeon allows me to :confused: I won't try it at the red...
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    The General Drone-Related Thread

    Good video. Is that Gatehouse of Fleet?
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    Cannot Open CR2 File

    Adobe DNG Converter?
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    Epson 1670 Scanner/ windows 10

    If the previous suggestion doesn’t work, then Irfanview might.
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    Favourite Bottled Beer/Lager

    Skullsplitter, from the Orkney Brewery. 8.5% abv.
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    iPhone videos to PC

    Or you could use SHAREit