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    B&W Dead Mans Train

    Night times always feel the longest, was asked to develope something for a chaps up and coming book....
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    Camera for setup on TV

    Hi all. Have been thinking this over for a while now, so i wonder if any of you have a setup. Want to setup a camera onto my TV to talk to my daughter and family during this solom period. I was looking at the new Portal camera but appears to be out of stock. Any ideas on the best way to go with...
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    Nikon D750 recalls ?

    Graham, Yes, Its easy to find out if its infeccted. and as said i made contact with Nikon. but my first question was more based on whether it is still under the free recall. Which appears so. If i was to purchase a second hand camera which i know the serial number and to be affected, at least i...
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    Nikon D750 recalls ?

    Thanks Gramps, checked some serial numbers, which are found to be affected. Just went on the Nikon web chat, and am told, . "The Technical Service Advisory is available for second hand as well as out of warranty products".
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    Nikon D750 recalls ?

    SORRY !. I must write 100 times, I MUST PAY MORE ATTENTION.. Now going to search...... Thanks.
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    Nikon D750 recalls ?

    Hi, Can some one tell me, If purchasing a second hand Nikon D750, and it turned out there is an issue with the shutter. Is it still valued by Nikon to have the replacement shutter under warrrenty ? Or is there a time span ? Thanks...
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    New Monitor settings ?

    Yes, somtimes we just need to have that little bit of advice to push us in the right direction. TP is always a good place to start. in this case it became more obvious / understanding to me from your help. Kindest regards.
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    New Monitor settings ?

    Thanks BB, It apprears that the VGA won't support the 1080, but a quick visit to local computer shop, picked up a DVI to HDMI socket, ran a hdmi cable through to monitor and all is running as it should at 1920 x 1080, Thank you kindly for all the advise.
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    New Monitor settings ?

    Thanks BB, Graphics card NVIDIA GeForce 8400GS Everything you have suggested makes sense. I am in the process of having my second PC ugraded for suggested usage as above. When thats upgraded i feel i will need to upgrade this one also. Upgrades are far over due. Also thanks for the link, i can...
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    New Monitor settings ?

    Looking for some advice please. I have just upgraded my old hp 23" monitor for a 27" Dell P2719H as below link. Its great for working with photoshop and video editing. However i have noticed traveling through the web, facebook etc a lot of the images are becoming pixalated. I suspect this is due...
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    Time Lapse Processing.

    Something i have wanted to do for some time, but never got round to it, now i have more time on my hands... I have seen some processing of time lapse photos by placing them into video mode via LR 3. Can one do the same performance in PS CS 6. Is there a youtube tutorial link or such like ?
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    Photoshop and PNG

    Hi all. I have been asked to design a front page for a story of war using my aircraft images , i need these to layer over a sunset image also in my files. Can someone offer me a link please to a good tutorial on processing a jpeg image to PNG. In other words, How To Cut Out an Image, Remove &...
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    A Wedding at Bressingham Hall in Diss

    Lovely pair of images, the bridge really captures the moment. Nearly had my daughters wedding here, just up the road from me. Even without a wedding event still a nice place to take some portraits.
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    North England Yorkshire Moors

    Thanks Ken, Some very nice and interesting photos with some great locations. Will come in very helpful on the visit. Thank you kindly.