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    Quit sam! your last post was deleted for a reason as this one is.
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    While I have some concerns about who may be stealing these or to what use they would put them, I think that the call for BEHEADING the offender is a little extreme! Why? Because, last time I came above the comfort of my duvet, we don't quite do things like that, whether or not you agree :)
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    I love car insurance renewal time

    Thanks, Gary & Ingrid - I'll ring them today and ask for a re-quote. I agree, Ingrid, with your comments - my existing insurer is not the most expensive of the quotes, has added some features and is Defacto 5 star rated so will probably stay with them for peace of mind! :)
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    Holidays - the downside :(

    I can happily cope with the journey TO where I am going - but the way back is a real PITA!! The greatest downside of this last week of ours - the weather was sort of OK at soon as we got home - sunshine and warmth. A real kicker!
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    I love car insurance renewal time

    I have a question - my insurance is due for renewal in 3 days. I got stopped by the police for gong over the speed limit a week ago but have not had confirmation as to what the penalty will be (policeman thought 3 points and fine). How do I declare this on auto-renew/quotes I shop around for?
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    Police in action

    Good job on both sides, really - too many of us these days don't know our neighbours so aren't as (willing or) able to notice when things change, so don't report quickly (or at all). Great job by the police for going round and having a word as well - puts them on notice....but hopefully an eye...
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    I'll definitely be following your travels...some really great stuff on your site and looking forward to seeing more! (y)
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    Don't lose your composure over composition...

    DAMN right - and that is why I will continue with my little snap shots, soft or out of focus or badly composed or whatever else people think of them! My truth may not be your truth or anyone elses truth, but I will embrace it for what it is! :D I love blurry plants and I love the fact that...
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    Highland Ponies

    I really like 2 and 5 and 1 is my next 'fave'! Good set, though, just picked out the ones I liked most!
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    Focus on focus

    A little like some of the badly composed OOF photos on Flickr, or other sites, you so despise - it doesn't necessarily testify to the quality of the original post.
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    Don't lose your composure over composition...

    I'm quite proud to say that I don't, but there's always a Trekky (or however they spell it) or a person who Googles to educate me! ;):)
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    Don't lose your composure over composition...

    The most succinct, to the point post of the thread - well done, T :D