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    The Fabulous Fuji X owners thread

    Taken in the last week with the Fuji xt-3 View:
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    Ricoh GR III Owners Thread

    As I said above I decided that at nearly half the price to go for the grii and I’ve not been disappointed. It’s a great camera! Obviously I don’t know if I’d have been even more impressed with the griii but it would be difficult!
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    Yesterday nearly went very wrong- sad world we live in.

    One of the aspects to your story that is worth noting is that the woman thought you woukd be a ‘dirty old man’, as though your age would be a significant factor in if you were up to no good or not. My partner’s dad takes his camera around everywhere. He’s not very good but he enjoys it! He...
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    Moving to Wordpress - Any tips?

    What’s Wordpress like using an iPad nowadays? I rarely use a desktop any more.
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    Ricoh GR III Owners Thread

    I’m loving the gr ii I bought last week. I decided that for half the price of the gr iii it was a good option. The gr cameras are great generally!