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    The Duchess - Image Added

    Like that, second chap up leaning out of cab is my son :)
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    Thompson B1 at Whitby

    Another set of crackers, reminds me of Velvia 50
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    Standard 4 leaves Whitby

    oooh that's rather nice :)
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    44871 Swanage Railway

    like that ,nice deep blacks
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    Eric Treacy

    Spot on . regards Nigel
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    Stephensons Rocket

    Really like the first, am not an hdr fan but feel it suits the image very well. regards Nigel
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    Union of South Africa

    I like the second but perhaps with just a little more room on the bottom of the frame to allow the wheels to breathe a bit. Personally find exposure spot on.
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    Black 5 44871

    Yup, very nice, like the slight letterbox crop
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    Santa Special leaving Rowsley

    Amazing how we all feel differently, I would have preferred a faster shutter speed. Lovely great colourful photo though, bitingly sharp.
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    Union Of South Africa at Ramsbottom

    Like the last one of the set the most , great stuff
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    "Rileys Whisky Chaser"

    spot on
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    Union Of South Africa at Summerseat

    Nice couple of photos, shows the outline of the streak that is an A4
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    Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway

    37 wins on those, cracker :)
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    Oliver Cromwell ready to depart.

    I like it, I feel the vignette draws you to the power of the loco and it makes a lovely portrait of a stunning engine.
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    Full Steam Ahead

    lovely exposure, backlighting processed spot on, only slight niggle feels like it needs a crop of the lhs.