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    8x6 lustre paper

    Bit heavier than you were after, but Paper Spectrum sell their 300gsm Premium Lustre paper in a wide range of sizes including 8x6. I’ve used this paper and had good results.
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    Deep In Thought

    Great shot - it really pops :)
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    Gorgeous, well lit photo's(y)
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    Critique Hello from Joanna Kustra

    Beautiful images. I particularly love #1
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    Dance Photos

    I really like #1
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    Best format to save raw files as?

    In your position I’d download the free Adobe DNG converter and use that. Not only will the resulting DNG files be handled exactly like any other raw file by lightroom, but I’d imagine it’s probably a bit quicker than opening the files in ACR in Elements and resaving them. If you’re set on...
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    Beginner Developing my first film - any tips??

    ^^^Absolutely this^^^ Once you’ve dev’ed your first film! You’ll wonder what all the fuss was about :)
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    Sunset Portrait Session - Critique Welcome :)

    I love #3. I like #2 too but, for me personally, it would have worked better if I could see both eyes and there were less distracting shadows on the face.
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    Camera History.

    I was thinking about this recently. My first camera was a Kodak Instamatic 126 which was a hand me down from my brother back in the 70’s when I was about 8 or 9. My first serious camera was my dads old Zenith in the late 80s after which I graduated to a number of better cameras. By the mid 90s I...
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    In The Eyes

    Nice shot. A bit Steve McCurry-esque
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    My first attempt at portraits

    Really nice set. I particularly like numbers 2, 4 and 10. I’d personally have chosen a less grainy film for studio work, but the gritty look suits these shots.
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    Industar 55mm 2.8 cla

    Who’s to say any other Russian lens you buy won’t also need work? If I were you I’d try and fix the one you have. You’ll need to strip the lens down a bit to lubricate the focussing ring, but it’s not rocket science. I relubed a Jupiter 8 LTM lens five or six years ago and it was pretty...
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    Camera Servicing - anybody used this guy?

    Soon there’ll be nobody left to service our older cameras :-(
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    Camera Servicing - anybody used this guy?

    I haven’t used Ed, but I’ve come across his name a lot on the internet and as far as I know he’s a well respected repairer. He’s certainly top of my list to contact if/when my Contax II needs any work doing. I guess if you google his name rather than europhotoservices, you’ll find lots of...