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    Think your handy with photoshop? Thats over 1m x 3m!!
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    May I be the 1st to congratulate..

    glad you got the site back up and running. It was a shock that it vanished, i missed logging in and having a read.
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    Recent happenings

    Glad your back, i pop in quite frequently and read, even though DSLR purchase has been put on hold. Hope to be updating my Ixus 500 to the New Ixus 800IS when it hits the shops and continue with that for the time being.
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    Check out this lad on a guitar!

    or its here. (wait for ads to clear and it will load)
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    Check out this lad on a guitar!

    Just googled it. (im no musician. I can just about whistle. :whistle2: )
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    Check out this lad on a guitar!

    for those that may want to have a go. you can get the backing track and the tabs from here... they are at the bottom of the page. is the original artist, but IMHO the cover version in the first post wipes the floor with it.
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    Check out this lad on a guitar!

    Havent posted for a while, but im lurking and reading.. :D I remembered some of you were guitarists, so you might appreciate this. takes a little while to load, even with a 2mb line, but will eventually give you a play button to press.
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    Are you thinking of a Canon 5D ? too much ££££ for me, but may help someone.
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    Canon's 30 millionth EF lens
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    Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ20

    FZ30 seems to have been the FZ20's replacement according to this review. HERE
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    Card Readers.

    I had a belkin CF usb one on a lead. then got a HP printer with all the ports already on it. so sold the belkin to a mate for his Canon D60, For laptop ive got a PCMCIA to CF adaptor.
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    First attempt at motor sport photo

    great shot. Dont know why but something about that rear left wheel under the car is drawing my eye particularly on the later crops. Obviously its there in the original, but somehow doesnt look "real" to me. must be the way the light has reflected from the puddle on the tyre wall.
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    Canon's stopping you from getting a bargain.

    doesnt suprise me. Ive been looking about for a 350d and a 17-85 IS usm bargains/sale etc. tbh i cannot see the point in buying from HK take the well known digital rev for example. Camera and lense £839.99 HERE then add your postage.. £39.00 then add your £20 for the privilege...
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    Happy christmas!

    Happy Christmas ! :D A Festive tune and Vid, (WMP) :whistle2: Other formats here at bottom of page
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    Recommend me a phone guys

    same here. Once you had a SE you wont look back. I would suggest a SE k750i , but have no idea what they fetch sim free. Mine has been nothing short of excellent, and i'll defintely be looking forward to the next generation SE's