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    corvid 19

    Thats a very nicely caught shot.
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    Critique Cornish Newbie

    The second images is a absolute corker,love it
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    Scalaber and Nidd falls

    Very nice images like the last one best.Was up at Scalaber a couple of years a go in autumn.Will be highly shock if you dont find D500 becoming your favourite camera,had one about 18months.Love it.
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    Two beauties Russ.
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    Great set Russ.The second ones a belter.
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    On The Kingfisher Theme.

    Kingys aren`t marmite if you get bored with seeing kingfisher shots & taking them you had better pack bird photography in.I agree with Russ the second shots the better one for me.
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    Another Redshank @ Greylake

    Stunner.Much underrated bird
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    Bearded Tits

    Great set Russ i`d be happy with those.
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    Red Kites at Harewood

    Was well worth a couple of hours Russ,nice set.
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    Puffin on Golden Water

    WOW what can one say but stunning.
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    Kingfisher at last

    Well worth the wait.Nice set too on Flickr.
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    Critique Buttermere, sunrise reflections

    Two absolute cracking shots well worth the wait.
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    Lapwing / Peewit / Pyewipe .....etc

    Thats a lovely shot Russ,hard bird to get a good shot of.
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    wily woodpecker

    Thats a stunner Jeff.
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    Nice post Russ,dont see many shots of these unfortunately.