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    Beginner Film help drying times

    Cheers all, I'll have a bit more of play when i have the time.
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    Beginner Film help drying times

    How long does it take for film to dry typically, I'm having some issues with my negatives, I'll find a picture showing my issues, I think it's because I'm not allowing it dry long for long enough also getting water marks dispite rinsing with distilled water.
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    Beginner Accidentally art

    Not sure what I did to produce this negative but kinda like it
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    Ilford Delta 3200

    I shot delta 3200 at stock speeds and didnt get grainy results but I did get quite a few underexposed but I think was me expecting too much from my camera metering. how did you develop?
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    Yashica LM

    I suspect i was being too heavy handed with the aperture, shutter fires fine. Aye its always the gamble your take.
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    Yashica LM

    Got a Yashica LM for £60. Run one film though it all fine messing it with it last time and the dam aperture Jamed and is fecked. Really annoyed, but I surpose it was it is.
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    Medium format or just 35mm?

    Personal I would keep them, If I found myself not using any then they would be going in a display cabinet.
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    Home developing of slide film?

    I'm definitely just a hobbyist who develop purely for the fun of it. I don't mind losing some rolls here and there. In fact I have access to a workshop 3d printer laser cutter I bet I can make a single/duel heated rotating bath
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    Home developing of slide film?

    Has anyone tried it. Considering giving it a go just for the sake of it, but the chems are costly anythoughts?
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    Show us yer film shots then! is the whole album. No editing or cropping
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    Show us yer film shots then!

    My fav out of current batch expect for the batch