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    Another kid versus dog

    Just think of the uproar that would have been created, had it been a fox and not a dog, the foxhunting brigade would have had a field day with it.. but as it's a dog.......
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    Beginner Just starting out, Bridge Camera advice needed

    Of course you right, any good photographer could take really excellent photo's with any cheap camera of any type. like you say, it's not what you have in hand, it's whats between the ears. We must all have heard "All the gear & no idea" before. My opinion was DSLRs are best.
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    Beginner Just starting out, Bridge Camera advice needed

    You said that, not me, all cameras have uses, but if your serious about photography, you need a DSLR, if you want snaps, there is plenty of choices.
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    Beginner Just starting out, Bridge Camera advice needed

    DSLR is the way to go, end of.
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    Cricket postioning

    You can go near the sight screens, just not behind the bowlers arm, if you know what I mean, my three sons all played cricket, junior, second team ect, my 18yr old played from when he was 7yrs old upto this year, he's 18 now, so I've been to a lot of matches. Just don't be moving about when the...
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    Undecided Locations around Keighley for Wildlife

    I've seen the kingfishers at Fairburn on my only visit there last year, lots of screens ect for watcher to hide behind while looking at all the wildlife, guys there with expensive gear photting the birds, with some big lenses also.
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    A Frosty Morning at Chatsworth

    Hi, Really nice collection of photo's you have. Well done.
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    Six A4 Pacific's at Sheldon

    Hi, I'm a bit of a railway enthusiast, but... even if they are never to been seen together again, the price they where asking for the night shoot WAS very much *over the top*. I've seen them all anyway, so paying to see them all in the "dark" on a wet evening, was something I'm not worried about...
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    Our new kitten

    Looks a big kitten to me lol, nice though.
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    Wild Little owl

    Great photo of a fantastic bird.
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    Cornwall cut-off by rail!

    Hi, One thing nobody seems to have noticed, the Wall at Dawlish was faulty for a while. I've seen a photo, taken during the summer, that shows a *dip* in the level of the top of the wall and a bulge outwards, right at the point it failed. Funny how nobody appears to have noticed this. (100%...
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    Fabulous capture, I dream of getting shots like that.
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    Wild Red Squirrels

    Great set, love them, If only they where in Yorkshire!
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    Another crack at the Kingfisher

    Oh I love these birds, sadly can't ever seem to get close enough for my lens. Well done, look forward to seeing more now lol Makes me want to have another crack at them, when we get some decent weather. I've borrowed my mates 2x converter, I have to go manual focus for the reasons you mention...
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    3rd place - WHITE

    Hi, congrats, Love "different", like this, great idea :)