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    FIA WEC Silverstone 19-08-18

    Evening Clive I'll be different, number 2 by a mile for me, the subject isolation against the background absolutely make it. The contrast between perfectly lit subject and darker background works so well. Not a fan of chopping cars in half when side on, but these are well exposed and show good...
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    English Electric Lightning.

    Now I like that Clive, very atmospheric and spot on with exposure. Stuart
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    DriftCup Round 3 - Rockingham

    Not Silverstone Steve, probably Rockingham for the next two weekends, don't know which day though. Stu
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    DriftCup Round 3 - Rockingham

    Really like that first shot Steve, and no pink tarmac ha ha… I did think you might have been at Silverstone for the GT, but obviously the drift bug has finally got to you. See you soon Stuart
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    Android tablet?

    I had the latest Nexus 7 but wanted 10" screen, had a look around and ended up with the Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet. To me it is far more flexible than an iPad, just plug it into Mac or PC and it's just another drive, copy anything to and from it. SD card slot so you can add extra memory etc. It's...
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    Spot on Clive, no 1 for the sheer atmosphere, great shot and no 3, really hits the mark, focus crack on and blurred bike in the background really adds to it. Stu
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    Rockingham was. . .

    Hi David Nice to meet you on a, shall we say changeable day, and boil in the bag sums it up perfectly. Good selection there, you would only moan all the more if it was sunny all the while.. I do like the "wet" shot, very atmospheric ! Thanks for letting me try your lens for a few shots, they...
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    Tornado GR4 XV (R) Sqn 100 year anniversary special tail.

    Very nice Al, oh how I wish my local was only 5 minutes away... I'll have to come up sometime for an aviation fix ! Anyway, hows things ? Stu
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    HELP - Lightroom 6

    I had the same and had to turn off GPU in LR settings, see link below Stu
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    WEC @ Silverstone 2015

    Nice selection Clive, liking no 5. These with your new toy ? Stu
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    British GT Donington

    Nice selection Natalie, love the black and whites. Think we actually spoke up at the foggy esses, when the gravel started flying in the afternoon ! Stu
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    Nimrod at Bruntingthorpe.

    Well thought out and composed shot Clive, really like it. Stu
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    Reality & Ethics Of War Photography

    Interesting read by the photographer, shows a bit more of the image. Stu
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    WEC @ Silverstone

    Nice selection of some great looking cars Clive, I do like that Audi ! Spoilt for choice where to go, Silverstone, Donington BTCC, GT's at Oulton or BSB at Brands. I ended up at Donny and got soaked, still rain makes a good pic. Stu
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    missing plane

    As you say very interesting, but you must feel sorry for the families involved. This thread on Pprune makes for interesting read, all 164 pages. Stu