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    Culloden Battlefield

    I'd say there is nice light, but composition wise its a bit 50/50 sky to land. The walker is slightly too far into the shot, would benefit from being around the right third.
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    Canisp Reflection

    Thank you all for the comments. I understand taking the blue sky out, but I really don't like 50:50 reflection shots. Maybe I should have stepped back and used some of the shore line to break it up more now when I look at it.
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    A couple of images from Skye

    Followed your insta story, those shots definitely pay for the fuel money!
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    Llynnau Mymbyr in #Snowdonia

    Lovely photo. Beautiful light breaking through there!
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    Canisp Reflection

    It's always a rare treat to a nice reflection with some sunshine up here!
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    One for critique, long exposure off the Portuguese coast

    Very nice, but maybe because the rocks lead to the right, it would be better to crop out the headland altogether? I do this all the time, try and get everything into one frame. Whereas it going for simplicity of just the rock in one image, and taking a separate photo for the headlands.
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    Critique Rogie Falls

    Normally I would be all about getting down closer, but I'm recovering from a broken leg so wet rocks is not too feasible for me at the moment, and unfortunately here, its more of a gorge at the bottom so I think I'd have to use a rope to get safe access. I do have close ups at 50mm and 70mm...
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    Well even if you think they're hard, you certainly seem to manage alright. And thank you, you're animal photos are amazing!
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    Gibsons landing sunrise

    Nothing better than when get a sky like this! Cracking photos.
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    St Michaels Mount - Mono or colour

    Colour for me. The mono needs more work, to make it pop.
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    Still very nice long exposures!
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    Really nice, you just can't beat a dusting of snow on a mountain.
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    Critique Rogie Falls

    Thank you Peter. I might try and get down there again to try and get a bit more autumn colour from it.
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    Critique Rogie Falls

    The leaves are starting to turn here and there has a decent amount of rain. So I took a chance with a early finish at university and on a rainy day, to see what the colour was like here. Not quite there yet but still pleasing enough.