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    Identify this Photographer / Book for me ?

    In 1975, Nick Nixon, professor of photography at the Massachusetts College of Art, took a picture of his wife Bebe and her three sisters. They ranged from ages 15 to 25.
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    Critique Another Amaryllis

    absolutely love this image. awesome, well done never done focus stacking. can the same look be achieved by increasing the Fstop. i.e increasing the depth of field?
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    Late Evening Skyline

    I actually thought it would of been nice if he had shot this in portrait so we could have more negativ space at the top :LOL:
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    Mixed mood

    wow, totally inspiring. Number 1 is definitely number one, love it. number 6 I initially dismissed without looking because I didn't like the coffee cup in the guys head. But after studying it I saw the connection between two people and a car all lined up ready to race and on the opposite side of...
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    Late Evening Skyline

    what a wonderful collage, so many layers. think I would b tempted to clone out some of the highlights in the bottom 3 layers. it looks amazing, did you offset WB in camera or post ?
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    Out with a Pal of mine a wee while ago

    Broad lighting her face makes one side of her face look too large. Turning her head slightly towards the camera position would of reduced this and also put her pupils more central. They look odd / distracting how they are in this image. Just my CC and opinion. Hope this helps.
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    Mountain Lynx

    absolutely perfect catching the motion blur in rotors. what settings did you use.
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    Baku F1

    really loving number 3
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    Long Exposure Noise Reduction with RAW

    well I finally managed to find some useful info about this. lol answered my own question. LENR info
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    Long Exposure Noise Reduction with RAW

    I am wanting to know if LENR works on RAW files. I know that it works on jpg by taking a second shot afterwards to use as a template to subtract the noise from the first. This is called BFS black frame subtraction. But I find conflicting info about its use on RAW. So my question is, does it...
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    The Cameras Which Made Me.

    enjoyed reading this. thanks for sharing.
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    Nearly Home Trees

    wonderful image, really like it
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    question about 800D

    Thanks for your reply. I can’t understand why canon haven’t got a grip for this expensive beginner camera. I didn’t want a third party because of issues or limitations they have.