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    Weekly Vanishedbob's 52 Thread 2020

    Week 21 Liquid & Technique. Filey Seashore. Dull and predictable this week. Sea is water and water is liquid. Taking some snaps on Filey beach last weekend. Found an unremarkable picture of the shoreline I took. Made it look a bit better (I think) in Black & White and phoned it in for my week...
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    2020 The TP 52'ers Challenge for 2020 Post your images in here ( no comments please) Week 22 A household item

    Week 21 Liquid and B&W Technique, Link IMG_9825 by 4444 Photography, on Flickr
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    Weekly Phil S 52 in 2020. Week 21 - Liquid (B&W technique)

    Ticks all the boxes in fine style. Great photo.
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    Gritty 52 Challenge For 2020.

    Colour: Both great. Pencils just edge it for me though. Old: Great detail and subject. Very nice capture. Liquid: Clever and fun.
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    Weekly Shugpug's 1st 52 - Week 21 - Liquid and B&W Tech

    B&W shot for me. Like the sky a lot.
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    Weekly StuartPearson 52 for 2020 - Week 21 - Liquid

    Cool photo.
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    Weekly Yvette's 52 for 2020

    Great street shot. I wish I had the bottle to stop strangers and ask them to pose.
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    Weekly Cloudforest's 52 for 2020. Week 21 Liquid

    Nicely done indeed.
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    Weekly Bebop's 52 for 2020 - week 21 - liquid

    Old: Nicely taken. Liquid. Stunning!
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    Nostromo, up for it, Wk:21 Liquid 52-2020

    Great selection of wonderful shots. Certainly did the right thing by keeping the colour. My favourite this week,
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    Weekly NCF15s 52 for 2020 Wk 21 Liquid

    Very nice. As said. the splashes of colour are a cool addition.
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    Weekly Seaodysseys 52 for the New Decade Wk21 Liquid

    Everything that's already been said. Lovely Photo.
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    2020 52 From Baloo

    Doesn't get much older than that. Great picture.
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    2020 HelenC's 52 for 2020: Week 21 - Liquid

    Works just fine in colour. Great bit of work.
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    2020 Darkslinger's 52 Week Challenge - 2020

    Like this a lot. Processing, subject and technique are spot on.