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    Pride 2019 - London Street Photography

    Thanks everyone. :) I've often struggled with getting eyes specifically in focus, and to be honest being able to see exactly which part of the image is in focus when the display is so small. With this set there were a couple that looked okay on the camera display, but when I pulled them off...
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    Pride 2019 - London Street Photography

    Lack of knowledge tbh - I haven't touched the camera in years, and happy to admit I never really learned the best way of deciding settings. I think I ended up on a high shutter speed as some initial shots I took were very blurry, and a higher shutter speed seemed to resolve most if it. I'm...
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    Pride 2019 - London Street Photography

    Hmm, I was on single point, focused on the centre I believe. It's not honestly a setting I'm too familiar with though. I think out of focus images is a regular problem I've struggled with. Would it be better to have a higher aperture? I think I generally rush stuff as well, which adds to it...
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    Pride 2019 - London Street Photography

    The shutter speed for most of these were 1/2500, although I guess the aperture is low (f1.8/2 for most).
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    Pride 2019 - London Street Photography

    Plus a few more... 9. 10. 11. 12.
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    Pride 2019 - London Street Photography

    Some pics I took yesterday during the London Pride parades. Any feedback is welcome. :) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
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    Which Spyware/Malware do you use

    MBAM Pro, Microsoft Security Essentials and Win Patrol.
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    FAO IT Admin people - what AV do you use?

    Sophos has one of the highest detection rates of AV products, e.g. it catches 98% of samples before they install, it's not so good at removing installed malware.
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    Instagram for Android now available

    If anyone is interested... Facebook buys Instagram for $1bn
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    High Street PC Stores fail

    Wasn't it still in warranty?
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    windows vista install.

    Hirens contains proprietary code - it breaches copyright of a few companies, let alone most of the tools being completely out of date. Are you sure your Vista disc is okay? The only time I've experienced the same problem as this was when using a badly scratched disc.
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    Whoooooosh! Virgin just upgraded me from 20meg to 60meg for FREE!

    I wish they would just upgrade mine to the speed I'm paying for at the moment... I seem to have been unlucky in my area with Virgin, they're running an old network here with far too many people on it.
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    Apple GateKeeper - is that them admitting there is a malware problem?

    Market share isn't the only thing that determins whether malware is developed for an OS. ....because no one jailbreaks their iPhone. Mobile phones are much less targeted for malware in general, most people don't use online banking on their mobile, and if you suddenly get pop-ups on your phone...
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    Apple GateKeeper - is that them admitting there is a malware problem?

    Despite the fact there is Mac Malware out in the wild? The webpage for Gatekeeper even has a section defining malware.