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Fascinating Fact : I'm not French, or fascinating.
Carton character most like : Sadly, a mixture of Homer, Peter Griffin and Professor Frink.
What's in your brew? : A good cup of joe, freshly brewed. Or Yorkshire tea.
Most likely found in : The TP Dungeons, with a spanner.
Ideal Superpower : Everything Sylar could do, that would be awesome. Especially the mind control.
Photography Style : Landscapes. Love 'em.
Ideal purchase : A time machine
Fascinating Fact : My dog is shorter than my cat.
Cartoon character most like :
What's in your brew? : Milk and two, please
Most likely found in : work.
Ideal Superpower : super speed, not enough hours in a day
Photography Style : Street. Innit
Ideal purchase : Some hair.
Fascinating Fact : I'm happy when I'm Grumpy
Carton character most like : Wile e Coyote
What's in your brew? : Tea, white with one if you're putting a brew on.
Most likely found in : The opposite side of the room to the buttons that make this place work, or in some strange contorted position in/under a car.
Ideal Superpower : Lotto number guessing
Photography Style : No fave, I suck equally with them all
Ideal purchase : A nice peaceful island away from stupid people
Fascinating Fact : I once met Graham Norton in a stairwell
Carton character most like : Yogi Bear (I love a good picnic)
What's in your brew? : Tea; warm, wet, milk, no sugar
Most likely found in : My office covered in paper cuts and ink
Ideal Superpower : The ability to stop time for everyone apart from me
Photography Style : Drive/See/Snap/Process/Sell
Ideal purchase : A winning lottery ticket


Fascinating Fact : I was part of a school team in the drawn final of Cheggars Plays Pop - totally unfascinating....
Cartoon character most like : Somewhere between Penelope Pitstop, Catwoman and Boo Boo the Bear - according my fellow mods. I think I am more Nanny Ogg from Discworld [ok, that's fictional rather than cartoon]
What's in your brew? : caffeine normally, white wine sometimes
Most likely found in : the crap
Ideal Superpower : to move objects by just thinking about it.
Photography Style : Classically stylish.... I think that's what the copywriter said on my website...
Ideal purchase :my own riad in Morocco, a cleaner, a gardener, a decorator.... I could go on for hour with this one....


Fascinating Fact : I just bought a tractor
What's in your brew? : irn
Most likely found in : beside a track or the middle of a showjumping ring
Ideal Superpower : These are not the droids you're looking for.
Photography Style : stack em high, sell em cheap.
Ideal purchase : don't understand the question, Scottish you see.
Fascinating Fact : Erm...
What's in your brew? : PG Tips for monkeyin' around
Most likely found in : Here, where else?
Ideal Superpower : Telekinesis
Photography Style : Rather monochromatic
Ideal purchase : When someone else is paying
Fascinating Fact : The barnacle has the largest penis in the animal kingdom when compared with its size.
Cartoon character most like : Yogi bear apparently
What's in your brew? : Milk & 2 with the occasional "splash"
Most likely found in : A cold desolate landfill up to my arm pits in crap.
Ideal Superpower : I have all the ones I need
Photography Style : Big cats with their mouths open of course.
Ideal purchase : An Island with machine gun turrets (or archers for that quiet Sunday morning lay in)
Fascinating Fact : I threw up on Bernie Winters but not Schnorbitz (sp) on stage at pantomime
Cartoon character I'm most like : A mix of Cheetara from Thundercats, Storm from X-Men and Dory from Finding Nemo
What's in your brew? : cider or wine
Most likely found in : propping up the bar at the rugby club
Ideal Superpower : Mimicry like Duke from Haven
Photography Style : Hit and hope with rugby and football
Ideal purchase : rugby players to be my minions
Fascinating Fact : I do 3x more mileage on my Pushbike than my Car
Cartoon character most like : Cousin Itt. But Taller.
What's in your brew? : Freshly Ground Ethiopian Sidamo. Or ID11.
Most likely found in : Film & Conventional.
Ideal Superpower : Invisibility.
Photography Style : Landscapes. Or Still Life. Depends on the Weather.
Ideal purchase : Custom Parlee Z1 with Campagnolo Super Record EPS.
Fascinating Fact : Well somebody told me that being a chartered accountant isn't fascinating :cuckoo: so I guess I'll have to go for being double jointed instead :shrug:
Cartoon character most like : Wonder Woman (apparently) although when I was a kid I always wanted to be either a mermaid or a dalek.
What's in your brew? : Raspberry leaf tea
Most likely found in : in front of the laptop
Ideal Superpower : Telepathy
Photography Style : Still life for fun / pregnancy and baby photography for business
Ideal purchase : A winning lottery ticket
Fascinating Fact : Nobody knows where she came from. No fingerprints, no ID, no papers, no Passport. She's Jason Bourne.

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