Canon EOS 7D

  1. GTG
    "Great camera"
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    • yes
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - Very good grip, build quality, AF speed, button placement, features and options, 8fps
    Cons - iso 6400 or more no good really, expensive
    Not sure how happy I would have been with the original price but as a £309 mess about camera its great.
    Far superior buttons and build than my 6d and faster better AF system except the centre AF point on the 6d is excellent.
    Love the ease of use and speed I can set exposure in manual mode.
    ISO is way behind Nikon but I prefer the canon aperture wheel, iso placement and little joystick.
    Screen is ok, can see the image quite well.
    Generally easy to navigate menu and plenty of options.
    Not perfect but better than many cameras.
    If Nikon would have made a follow up to the d300s sooner I'm sure it would have smoked this however.
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