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Pentax Pentax MX

£40 to £140 sold prices
Mounts Available:
Pentax K mount, all non-AF variants but only supports the basic K-mount capabilities
  • This small, fully manual Pentax single lens reflex camera is effectively a slimmed-down Pentax KX. It uses two LR44 batteries for metering only; otherwise the camera is fully mechanical, with shutter speeds from 1 second to 1/1000 seconds (and B). Shutter speed is selected by a dial on top of the camera, and is visible in the viewfinder along with LEDs indicating if the exposure is correct as metered, over or under-exposed. There is also a small tell-tale window that shows the current aperture, so all required information is visible with the eye at the viewfinder.
  • Weight 495 gm
    Dimensions 136 x 83 x 49mm
    Batteries 2 x LR44
    Shutter speeds B, 1-1/1000 seconds