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    What's the best way to fix this ? (broken camera)

    Pinning would probably work if the pins can be fitted securely, but is likely to be tricky because you're only pinning two thin layers of metal where the combined thickness is likely no more than 2mm. Even if a soft metal is used that can be spread around the openings, it's going to be a lot of...
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    Nikon AI-S lens, loose and wobbly focus ring

    The front element being loose enough for the image to jump about might suggest that there is a bit more going on than just needing some lubrication (which is what the loose feeling focus ring sounds like it needs), although it maybe depends on how much the image jumps. The threads in the...
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    Pinhole Day 2019 - Sunday 28th April

    I know what you mean - I need to come up with something other than the Forth Bridge. :) I'll also need to do some trial exposures. I did some LF shots with Ilford MGIV paper last year and found that a yellow filter worked quite well for contrast, but can't remember what speed I rated it at...
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    Pinhole Day 2019 - Sunday 28th April (5) The submitted photograph may be made by using any photographic material: film, paper, liquid emulsion, B&W, color, and any photographic process, including digital.
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    Pinhole Day 2019 - Sunday 28th April

    A heads-up for those that are interested - Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day this year is on the 28th of April (the last Sunday of the month). More info here... Plenty of time to start thinking about making or modifying something should you be inclined to do so, and...
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    Speaking as an occasional painter, it's maybe not about the medium in and of itself, but how it's used and the character of the end result. The handling and techniques used in oil painting are very different from watercolour, and the rendering of the images is substantially different. Compared...
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    Beginner Where do you buy your film?

    I often find that one or two retailers are notably cheaper than the rest for a particular film, and that others are cheaper for other films. If you're buying in anything approaching bulk, it can work out cheaper to order different films from different sellers, even after postage is accounted...
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    Leica m2 50mm options.

    The Jupiter lenses were based on Zeiss originals and, as such, the focussing helicals are for Contax, and not Leica. I don't know the numbers, but it seems that the helicals have a slightly different pitch. When the Zeiss lenses were converted to a Leica fit, they retained the Contax helical...
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    Converting meter readings for pinhole

    20 seconds is comfortably in the ballpark. If the effective aperture is the f214 I estimated earlier, then the metered time would be 5.65 secs, and 11.5 secs with the reciprocity calculation. 20 secs after calculation crunches back to a smidge over 8 seconds metered, so a shade more than half a...
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    Converting meter readings for pinhole

    An oval of 0.4 x 0.3 is likely about 1/3rd of a stop less than a circle of 0.4 (0.28 is one stop less than 0.4). If we assume 0.35 effective diameter, that would give f214 - about 6.5 stops smaller than f22, which means about 90-100 flashes at a power set for f22. If you're getting...
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    Converting meter readings for pinhole

    10 flashes at f8 power is 3 and a bit stops extra exposure. If that had resulted in a correct exposure, your pinhole would be a bit smaller than f22 (about f25). 16 flashes at f22 power is 4 stops extra exposure. If that had resulted in a correct exposure, your pinhole would be f90. (16 flashes...
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    Converting meter readings for pinhole

    10 flashes is not the same as 10 stops. For each stop, you double or halve the amount of light. For a series of stops, the doubling or halving is sequential. If it's one flash for f8, it's two for f11 and four for f16, etc. Call it f256 for easier number crunching. f256 is 10 stops away from...
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    Film photography apps?

    You just create separate entries and give them meaningful names: "Film X, Dev Y, Rondinax", "Film X, Dev Y, Paterson", etc. Same for things like push or pull processes. I have entries for the same film in HC-110 at Dilution B, and at my preferred 1+49.
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    Why a Rangefinder instead of SLR ???

    Cosina make the Voigtlander Bessa rangefinders (they use the brand under licence), as well as a bunch of lenses (known as CV lenses, for "Cosina Voigtlander"). The CV 15mm f4.5 is one of the best super wides ever made for a rangefinder. Reckoned to easily be on a par with similar focal lengths...
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    Why a Rangefinder instead of SLR ???

    I find the RF patch in both my XA and 35RC a bit so-so, although it's hard to say how much they might have faded over time (they both do work). My Leica IIIf is a fair bit better, and the M2 is head and shoulders above the lot. I don't find the XA much fun to use. It is brilliantly compact, but...
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    What controls shutter speed on a mechanical camera ?

    The spring tension isn't set by the speed dial, but by cocking the shutter, typically when advancing the film. Adjusting the shutter speed dial changes the configuration of mechanical bits inside that affect how the shutter opens and closes. There are two speeds to consider - the speed that...
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    Bronica Medium Format Owners Thread

    I've got both, and they're both excellent based on my subjective impressions of the straight horizontal part of the Forth Bridge near the Hawes Inn, when said section of bridge positioned near the top edge of the frame. I pixel-peeped, and was sufficiently pleasantly surprised to decide that...
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    Recommend me a film ASA for this camera !

    I think the Fuji Quicksnap single-use cameras use(d) 400asa, so I'd try that first. Unless the camera in question came out when/where 800asa was commonly available, I'd assume that it was geared to use 400.
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    Large Format photography group - From "zero to hero!"

    White = Light = Exposed.
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    Check the lower ends of the vertical cylinders. If one has a hole in the end, then it's used with a rubber tube and bulb. I've got a similar one that might be older... The bulb bit at the bottom of the left hand cylinder has a hole for shoving air into. (It's only ever used on T, so I've...
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    Light Meter Recomendations

    For averages, do: M-M-A In other words, read bright, press M, read dark, press M, then press A. Avoid S and H, and avoid extra readings once you have a calculated average. If in doubt, clear memory and start again.
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    Another question about an old folder

    Red light is what it passes.
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    Light Meter Recomendations

    No incident reading, but I think the manual makes it seem more confusing than it really is. Just using it to take single readings is fine - point, click, read. It's when you try to use the calculated reading functions that it gets less clear. There are three modes, two of which (highlight and...
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    Film use continues to grow

    I've never really bought the "it's just a tool" line. It seems to me to imply that it doesn't matter what you use, and, by extension, that the tools are all the same. In reality of course, they aren't, and the small differences can be quite important in terms of ergonomics and usability. Film...
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    Whether it's been shot depends on what sort of take-up spool the camera had. If it's the type with a slot and little hooky things to grab the sprocket holes, it could have been used. I tend to agree that the bend looks a bit too slight, though, certainly to have been through a camera that uses...
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    What to look for in a 35mm camera?

    It could be argued that technical image quality isn't a primary consideration for street photography. I certainly wouldn't discount something like the Voigtlander just because another camera has a sharper lens. I've never had a problem with using a fully manual camera for street in changeable...
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    Chroma - Lasercut Acrylic 4x5 Field Camera

    The amount that the lens moves back to get the projected image to clear the frame depends on the focal length of the lens. A wide lens projects its image cone at a more oblique angle, so moves back less, while a long lens has it at a more acute angle and has to move back more. For example, a...
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    Pinhole cameras

    The screw is exactly the same as on one of mine. That one has the best shutter speed options - most of them stop and 1/25 and then B, but that has 1/10, 1/5, 1/2 and 1 second as well. It's hard to say how the bidding will go. Sometimes, you're the only bidder, sometimes they go for over £15 plus...
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    Pinhole cameras

    The chance of getting leaks or localised fogging from light entering at an oblique angle is very low.The light has to get into the pinhole at an angle that's within the FoV to reach the film. If it's getting through a space at the side, such that it's almost parallel to the pinhole and film...
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    Pinhole cameras

    Nettar models are listed here... All of the ones that end "/16" are 6x6. The 515s have a flip-up finder, 516, 517 and 518 all have a built-in finder. The 518s had the most options for shutters and lenses. The main issues I've found with them are the black...