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    The Duchess - Image Added

    Like that, second chap up leaning out of cab is my son :)
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    Thompson B1 at Whitby

    Another set of crackers, reminds me of Velvia 50
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    Standard 4 leaves Whitby

    oooh that's rather nice :)
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    44871 Swanage Railway

    like that ,nice deep blacks
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    Eric Treacy

    Spot on . regards Nigel
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    Stephensons Rocket

    Really like the first, am not an hdr fan but feel it suits the image very well. regards Nigel
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    Union of South Africa

    I like the second but perhaps with just a little more room on the bottom of the frame to allow the wheels to breathe a bit. Personally find exposure spot on.
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    Black 5 44871

    Yup, very nice, like the slight letterbox crop
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    Santa Special leaving Rowsley

    Amazing how we all feel differently, I would have preferred a faster shutter speed. Lovely great colourful photo though, bitingly sharp.
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    Union Of South Africa at Ramsbottom

    Like the last one of the set the most , great stuff
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    "Rileys Whisky Chaser"

    spot on
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    Union Of South Africa at Summerseat

    Nice couple of photos, shows the outline of the streak that is an A4
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    Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway

    37 wins on those, cracker :)
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    Oliver Cromwell ready to depart.

    I like it, I feel the vignette draws you to the power of the loco and it makes a lovely portrait of a stunning engine.
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    Full Steam Ahead

    lovely exposure, backlighting processed spot on, only slight niggle feels like it needs a crop of the lhs.
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    Wells into Rawtenstall

    Yup like that, Simon looking out he cab makes it even more
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    Newly restored chuffer

    Great central with a 9f and Llangollen railway with a Manor have done some weathering in the past. agree with you that to re create the past some grime is needed. Nice set of shots
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    Steam trains crossing, Grand Central Railway Winter Gala

    for me as others have said its a tad dark, I also personally feel the crop is to tight, we need to see the full telegraph pole and give it a bit more room to breath. Regards Nigel
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    Leander at Ribblehead

    Jubilee class did not run in that maroon br livery. Leander looks nice in black but only ran in black with British Railways on the tender in words from memory .
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    Leander at Ribblehead

    like the side on profile , lovely sharp. regards Nigel
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    Watching the trains go by....

    exposure spot on and nice processing.
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    Snow Ploughs

    Nothing wrong with that, spot on record of the event.
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    Flying Scotsman Swanage railway

    second one far better, you were unlucky with a bit of breeze blowing the smoke down . Regards Nigel
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    Locos 80080 and 2890

    no2 is a nice impact shot of the loco, number 1 the posts in front of the engine detract to much. Know the location very well , again all nice and sharp and well exposed given what looks like flat light. regards Nigel
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    Loco 5643

    loco and train are going down hill, nice and sharp but would have preferred a less cluttered view point. The bush over the loco near the cab detracts a little. Going chimney first on that line is up gradient normally . Regards Nigel
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    The Photography Show 2016

    I went today. Really enjoyed it. Glad I took my gx7, Panasonic stand was great and being able to try the lenses I was considering for it was great. Timeline events had a good stand with re enactors to photograph. Really enjoyed the talk on the Manfrotto stand with the tablet and reptile...
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    Flying Scotsman

    Nothing wrong with that, spot on
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    Black 5 44871

    Not for me sorry . wrong side for the wind as the exhaust is blowing down. Would prefer to see both locos in their setting.
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    The Flying Scotsman and the Cumbrian Winter Mountain Express

    Agreed would crop of the sky, exposure wise spot on
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    46100 Royal Scot @ Crewe

    No3 for me, the human interest looking on with the camera round the neck. Nice.