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  1. Hallsy

    Any Pentax MX or Olympus OM users out there??

    For a while now I have been wanting to add a compact SLR system to my collection - mainly to help me decide whether I get on better with RF or SLR in certain situations. I had originally homed in the Olympus OM1 - simple, mechanical, compact and good glass. Something like an OM4 Ti would be...
  2. Hallsy

    Any medium format RF users?

    Hi guys, I've been thinking about picking up a medium format range finder of late. I have only really looked at the Fuji 645 & 690 versions, anything else to consider? I recently repaired an old Kodak Information for my FiL and when I put a test roll through it I really enjoyed having a...
  3. Hallsy

    Le Mans 24hr

    A few shots from Le Mans 24hr 2018 - it was another great trip overall, if not the most exciting of racing this year. I've been shooting a lot more film of late, so am totally out of practice with this sort of thing - had tickets for a different stand this year (usually grandstand over the...
  4. Hallsy

    Any C330 and RB67 owners? 180mm comparisons?

    Hi guys, I'm pretty sure there are a few on here that own both a Mamiya C330 (or other C outfits) and an RB67 - as do I :) As well as those two, I also have a Yashica Mat 124G. I started with this and the C330, if I'm honest, I think I have had more consistent results from the Yashica, but...
  5. Hallsy

    Film developers scan service - sizes based on resolution or file size?

    For those that have sampled a few film dev & scan services, do all of them base their size (and so price) structure on final file size rather than scan resolution? I have used filmdev for my colour films so far and been really impressed by their service so far, nice quality scans, fast turn...
  6. Hallsy

    Lightmeter suggestions?

    I've been looking at lightmeters over the last couple of days and would appreciate some practical advise :) So far I have been using whichever digital I have with me, but I would prefer a dedicated meter. Initially I was thinking of something like a Sekonic L-308, but I think I would actually...
  7. Hallsy

    Does this look like light leaks or a development fault?

    So, this morning I had my second go at home development. First time was with 120 film, and all went well :) This time it was 35mm, Tri-X metered at 1000, developed in Microphen stock solution for 12 minutes 15 seconds @ 20'c (starting point of 11 minutes 10 seconds, plus 10% as it was second...
  8. Hallsy

    Developer - stock vs diluted?

    Hi guys, i'm going to start developing my own black & white film at home. I have bought all of my chemicals from Ilford. As I have some film I want to push, I have gone for Ilford Microphen. I'm not sure about whether to use it as stock or dilute though. If I use it stock, Ilford suggest you...
  9. Hallsy

    Medium format on a budget - Mamiya 645 vs Mamiya C series

    Hi guys, I have recently found myself getting more and more interested in film. The medium itself, as well as the cameras - I love old technology!! I have had a Holga 120 for a few years, and recently bought & repaired a Yashica Electro 35. The Yashica has been lots of fun, repairing it...
  10. Hallsy

    Ricoh GR ii or FujiFilm X70 - anyone owned both?

    I've come back from a recent holiday where I have had time to find my feet again with my current gear setup (5Dc, 40D and EOS-M). I had previously fell out of love with my EOS-M a bit, as I struggled without a VF. A VF is still a preference for me to get my framing spot on, but there are times...
  11. Hallsy

    Mirrorless suggestions - moving on from EOS M

    I say moving on...............this is all hypothetical at the moment! I have been away from photography for a little while and I have been going through a kit check........probably more a case of GAS actually!! I bought an EOS M a while back to use alongside my 40D. At the time I was pleased...
  12. Hallsy

    Canon EF-M 22mm F2 vs Canon EF 35mm F2

    This probably sounds like a bit of a daft question, but I was thinking about it this morning!! I currently have an EOS-M with 22mm F2 attached most of the time (also have the EF-M 18-55mm), I also have a 40D with Tamron 17-50 f2,8, Tamron 70-300 VC and Canon 50mm f1.8. I have just bought a 5Dc...
  13. Hallsy

    AMD for Lightroom 5 desktop?

    My laptop is getting too old now and struggles with LR3. I'm planning to build a new desktop and upgrade to LR5. I have the basics of the system sorted, but can't decide on best route for cpu/mobo. I'd like to build this as cheaply as possible, not looking for a power hungry gaming setup...
  14. Hallsy

    EOS M or NX3000?

    Fancy trying an entry level mirrorless as a replacement for my Canon s95 and have been reading reviews on these two all day. I have a 40D with a selection of lenses and that will continue to be my main camera for when that is all i will be doing, or am shooting action or longer focal lengths -...
  15. Hallsy

    LeMans 24hr 2014

    A little late I know, but I have only just got around to uploading them!! Another good year, great weather and good racing, beer, food, etc!! I still think the first time I went I maybe got my best photos, but still got a few that I was happy with.... #1 Le Mans 24hr 2014 - ASTON MARTIN...
  16. Hallsy

    Le mans 2011

    Finally got around to uploading my pics. Not a great set this year, seemed to find myself with fences in the way too often - should have climbed higher!! #1 ;) Le Mans 2011 - Audi R18 TDi by Hallsy01, on Flickr #2 ;) Le Mans 2011 - Peugeot 908 by Hallsy01, on Flickr #3...
  17. Hallsy

    Few pics of our 330ci...

    Washed our 330 Monday night, so thought I'd nip out and take a few pics :) #1 BMW 330ci by Hallsy01, on Flickr #2 BMW 330ci by Hallsy01, on Flickr #3 BMW 330ci by Hallsy01, on Flickr #4 BMW 330ci by Hallsy01, on Flickr #5 BMW 330ci by Hallsy01, on Flickr #6...
  18. Hallsy

    My Volvo 850R

    Bought this the other weekend, my second 850, the first being a T5, owning that egged me on to look for a tidy R model :) Spent a couple of days machine polishing the paint (the scuffed wing is in hand), so popped out to take some pics yesterday. Not great location, and less than ideal...
  19. Hallsy

    Lightroom 2 - neatest way to import and store RAW's??

    I'll admit to never really using LR2 properly in a cataloging sense, just post processing really. However, since a fresh install of Win7 on both my laptop & desktop, I want to start getting some organisation. Up to now, I've always saved the RAW's from my camera onto my HDD in a 'RAW' folder...
  20. Hallsy

    1/4" thread for flashes - what type of thread?

    I need a 1/4" thumbscrew, as a softbox adaptor I got with my softbox comes with a cold shoe mount, but as I use CTR-301 triggers I don't have a shoe, just a 1/4" socket. So, all I can find is that it's 1/4". Does anyone know what type? UNF, UNC, etc? Failing that I'll have to try to find...
  21. Hallsy

    BMW 330ci

    Here's a little shot of our latest car - BMW 330ci. I actually cropped & edited it to use as a signature on another forum, but I quite like it so thought I'd post it up. I should've cloned out the number plate though :bonk: This is the original:
  22. Hallsy

    Mazda Eunos Roadster

    Had a bit of a photoshoot with my Eunos the other day after I had polished it. Here's one of my faves from the set after a bit of PP: and some more here: C&C welcome :)
  23. Hallsy

    Few shots from our Godson's Christening

    Here are a few shots I took yesterday at our Godson's christening. I think my people/portrait stuff needs quite a lot of work, so informal occasions like this should help to give me some practice. Was my first go really. I went to a wedding recently and didn't take my DSLR as I thought it...
  24. Hallsy

    Toys :)

    This was inspired by a photo comp on another forum I use, but I was actually late with my idea!! I shot in anway, a picture of one of my 'toys' using my new toys :) I've just recently bought some wireless triggers and a Sunpak 30DX, so have been playing around with them. Got a lot to learn...
  25. Hallsy

    Wireless trigger and PC sync

    I've done a little reading on this, but would rather be put right by those in the know!! I've bought a Sunpak 30DX to use for off camera flash, I haven't got it yet so haven't measured the trigger voltage, but either way I gather that something like Cactus V2s or V4 transmitter/receiver kit...
  26. Hallsy

    Colour film developed with B&W chemicals?

    I have a few rolls of 120 Fuji 400H that I haven't had developed as yet. Decided I might give home developing ago. Can I develop colour film in B&W chemicals? What would the effect be? Obviosuly from then on I'll use a B&W film, but wondered how it would turn out with the colour film...
  27. Hallsy

    Decent, first flash for around £100 2nd hand?

    Really want to get into flash photography and so need at least one external flash to get me started. I have a 20D. I've been looking around and have considered units like the Sigma EF-500 DG Super or Speedlite 420EX, which seem to fetch around £100 2nd hand. Then there are flashes like...
  28. Hallsy

    Frosty Teasel

    I snapped this teasel whilst out on a very cold day a couple of weeks back. I entered it into a photo comp on another forum (not a photography one) and won under the theme 'seasonal'. C&C welcome :)
  29. Hallsy


    I had a little idea for an image earlier, unfortunately it didn't happen how I'd hoped, but what I ended up with I was still pretty happy with. Any C&C very welcome :)
  30. Hallsy

    Bosley the Beagle

    Here's quite a cute shot of our Beagle, Bosley that I took whilst out on a walk recently. The more I look at it I wonder about the exposure, and maybe that the shallow depth of field is a little distracting with the blurred nose -but still, I loved the expression!! C&C welcome!! :)