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  1. Rob87

    Whitby Abbey

    Whitby Abbey has been on my of places to visit for a long time. Luckily last weekend I finally managed to get the chance. Unfortunately nothing too out of the ordinary as you can't get too many truly original shots of something photographed millions of times, but I'm really impressed as its been...
  2. Rob87

    Beginner Bee taking Lavender Pollen

    On a walk, I managed to take a shot of a bee taking pollen from a lavender flower. Ive only just come across this recently so just gave it a quick tweak. Im not one for flowers and insects but I like this shot. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to improve this or hints on how to start...
  3. Rob87

    Police Light

    I went to the National Memorial Arboretum last weekend and if anyone hasn't been, its well worth a visit to see some amazing memorials. I spent some time on 'The Beat' which is a Police memorial walk. To signify the start of 'The Beat', there is an old Police light that with a bit of cleaning...
  4. Rob87

    Beginner Family Wedding

    Sorry little kitten, I just couldn't help myself ;) Thanks for the comments guys. Its nice to see you aren't ripping them to pieces (or at least refraining) so I am clearly improving on my very first shots and i have added your comments to my pile of hints and tips for when I am next taking...
  5. Rob87

    Beginner Family Wedding

    Thanks for your comments. I don't think I would ever want to do wedding shots as a job. I feel under pressure just taking snaps as and when I wanted to with them knowing I like photography (so they will have at least some expectations), let alone being expected to produce brilliant shots. I...
  6. Rob87

    Beginner Family Wedding

    My mother in law decided to get married to her long term partner on Friday and after recovering from my massive hangover, I got to work processing some of the shots I took. Here are a couple I am quite happy with so thought I would share. I know a lot of people don't like selective colour, but...
  7. Rob87

    Tell Them I Love Them...

    I really like it. The colors are great in the sky and it looks so bleak I could see someone doing this. I hadn't even seen this as it was so small. What a good set of eyes you have. Care to swap my short sighted ones for yours?
  8. Rob87

    Tutorial Understanding Photographs

    Thank you for taking the time to write this. It was a good read.
  9. Rob87

    B&W Let's see your Black and White photos

    From Whipsnade Zoo today. Whipsnade Lion by Forsyth1987, on Flickr
  10. Rob87

    Mono Bird images- do they work

    I like both but lean towards the black and white. It would make a brilliant novel cover is the fist thing I thought
  11. Rob87

    Headshot of my buddy.

    I like the processing and shot but the only thing that is niggling me is that the very top of his hair is cut off in picture one. The second one is fine as there is a lot of hair missing but the first one is just so close to being a full head shot it niggles me as I think there should be a gap...
  12. Rob87

    Cat Appreciation Society! - lets see those catz!

    Heres my moggy Giles. He is an anti social git who is content with his own company. You can usually find him on his perch looking out the upstairs window out into the world but he doesn't go outside as it scares him. Stop With The Pictures Dad! by Forsyth1987, on Flickr
  13. Rob87

    Beginner Using a Hood

    I may have to start putting on my lens hood when out of the bag from now on then or you lot will crucify me if you see me :D. I only ever used it when the sun / flare was in the frame. as I am not a fan of having to faff about with it when zoomed as it sometimes creates issues when fully zoomed...
  14. Rob87

    Dog Appreciation Thread, post your fave dog shots here...

    My parents Jack Russell. The best behaved dog in the entire group of family dogs. He is also the youngest so he should the the worst behaved but we all know dogs are funny creatures. Rescue Jack Russell by Forsyth1987, on Flickr
  15. Rob87

    Let's see some sunrise and sunset shots

    Taken in Spain. My first holiday abroad and my first ever blood red sunset Sunset Behind The Hill by Forsyth1987, on Flickr']Sunset Behind The Hill by Forsyth1987, on Flickr[/URL]
  16. Rob87

    Another camera bag advice thread...

    I have a Caden backpack like the one in the link below. I went for it as the zip is against my back so it harder to nick all my gear. I got it sub £30 and although its cheap its very well padded on th shoulder...
  17. Rob87

    Beginner Flash gun advice

    If you have a tripod, you can use that to mount your flash to assuming it has the screw hole on the bottom. I am waiting for my flash stand to arrive and have been using that to have a play around with. Perhaps something to try out before you decide you need both a tripod and a flash stand...
  18. Rob87

    Critique First Time Speedlight Flash

    I love the second edited colour version. Stunning first attempt.
  19. Rob87

    Warwick renewbie

    A fellow member of the shire. Welcome aboard :welcome:
  20. Rob87

    B&W Let's see your Black and White photos

    One taken of my Cavalier King Charles today when trying to sync my wireless flash. I think she thought she would be getting a treat or something as she hovered around me looking expectantly. Of course, her powers of mind control subdued me and I ended up getting her one ;). Cavalier King...
  21. Rob87

    Dog Appreciation Thread, post your fave dog shots here...

    One taken of my Cavalier King Charles today when trying to sync my wireless flash. I think she thought she would be getting a treat or something as she hovered around me looking expectantly. Of course, her powers of mind control subdued me and I ended up getting her one ;). Cavalier King...
  22. Rob87

    Has it been done before?

    I have had a look at these and I must say, your processing is amazing. The colours looks almost silver and black. You have a new follower on Flickr just so I can practice getting my mono as good as yours.
  23. Rob87

    Flash Equipment confusion

    Bit the bullet and gone for the 622's. Added to my wishlist to purchase at a later date. Cheer guys
  24. Rob87

    Flash Equipment confusion

    Speedy :D Thanks. I will have a look later on tonight when I get home and maybe put them on my wish list until I have enough to make use of my Amazon prime free 30 day trial (unless they are cheaper elsewhere of course - im thinking eBay)
  25. Rob87

    Flash Equipment confusion

    Hi guys I have had a read of the strobist 101 blog and have put into my wish list an umbrella and a stand with flash head. The bit I'm confused about is how to make the flash fire when off camera. There is talk about cables and transmitters and sync cords and whilst I understand the theory, I...
  26. Rob87

    Broadway Tower at Night

    Stunning. I wish there was this kind of light at night where I was. Light pollution is so bad around here :(
  27. Rob87

    B&W Let's see your Black and White photos

    Dover Castle. Not sure if I like this one though. Dover Castle Keep by Forsyth1987, on Flickr
  28. Rob87

    Canon 5D MKIII official owners/users thread, anything related to the 5D MKIII

    Picked one up from work a couple of weeks ago brand new with the 24-105 for £1200 as it was purchased by our purchasing team for literally two shots. It came with PS elements and LR5 (I already have LR5) and I have only taken a few photos with it but I must say the silent shutter is amazing and...
  29. Rob87

    First 5D Mk 3 use in anger

    We went to Dover Castle at the weekend to try out my bargain basement 5D mk 3 and thought I would share one of my snaps with you all. Love the camera and can't wait to play with it more in the summer. Dover Castle Chapel by Forsyth1987, on Flickr']Dover Castle Chapel by Forsyth1987, on...
  30. Rob87

    A Taste of Scotland

    Very fine selection you have there. Left, Right middle in that order for my preferences.