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  1. Rob87

    Whitby Abbey

    Whitby Abbey has been on my of places to visit for a long time. Luckily last weekend I finally managed to get the chance. Unfortunately nothing too out of the ordinary as you can't get too many truly original shots of something photographed millions of times, but I'm really impressed as its been...
  2. Rob87

    Beginner Bee taking Lavender Pollen

    On a walk, I managed to take a shot of a bee taking pollen from a lavender flower. Ive only just come across this recently so just gave it a quick tweak. Im not one for flowers and insects but I like this shot. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to improve this or hints on how to start...
  3. Rob87

    Police Light

    I went to the National Memorial Arboretum last weekend and if anyone hasn't been, its well worth a visit to see some amazing memorials. I spent some time on 'The Beat' which is a Police memorial walk. To signify the start of 'The Beat', there is an old Police light that with a bit of cleaning...
  4. Rob87

    Beginner Family Wedding

    My mother in law decided to get married to her long term partner on Friday and after recovering from my massive hangover, I got to work processing some of the shots I took. Here are a couple I am quite happy with so thought I would share. I know a lot of people don't like selective colour, but...
  5. Rob87

    Flash Equipment confusion

    Hi guys I have had a read of the strobist 101 blog and have put into my wish list an umbrella and a stand with flash head. The bit I'm confused about is how to make the flash fire when off camera. There is talk about cables and transmitters and sync cords and whilst I understand the theory, I...
  6. Rob87

    First 5D Mk 3 use in anger

    We went to Dover Castle at the weekend to try out my bargain basement 5D mk 3 and thought I would share one of my snaps with you all. Love the camera and can't wait to play with it more in the summer. Dover Castle Chapel by Forsyth1987, on Flickr']Dover Castle Chapel by Forsyth1987, on...
  7. Rob87

    Beginner Canon 5D mk3 and 24-105MM lens

    Hi guys Bit of a pointless question as I already know what the answer is. I have been given the opportunity to obtain the above (brand new bar 2 shots that were taken here) from work for £1200. Its only a few months old too. I have been into photography for little over a year and have a 600D...
  8. Rob87

    Trying to polish up holiday snaps from a truly horrible camera

    Hi all Just come back from a nice family holiday and I am looking at the photos and am wondering how i can try and rescue most of them. I took my SLR with me so I could take some nice scenery shots etc, but there was no way I was having it anywhere near the pool or the beach so along came the...
  9. Rob87

    Critique The Mound At Warwick Castle

    I have finally got Lightroom after using Light zone / Gimp / Pixlr etc and I must say its an amazing piece of kit and works very well so I am expecting some great results when I am fully up to speed on it. I think I have a little way to go re processing as I think some of the clouds are now...
  10. Rob87

    Straightness - or not in my case

    Evening Something that I have noticed in most of my photos is that they all appear to be going off at an angle either left to right. I have tried to make sure that I line it up nice and straight in the view finder, but when i get home, the images appear to be going off at an angle. I can...
  11. Rob87


    Evening Been a while since I've been on here due to large world at work preventing me taking photos. Now I get time, it rains so I grabbed a quick shot of my cat Giles as I had got all excited about going to take some snaps. I wasn't really trying to get an amazing shot as he is a fast little...
  12. Rob87

    Spend my (limited) money

    Evening all I am looking for some opinions of the experts or people with a little bit of an idea of what they are looking at :) I am looking for some relatively cheap but robust filters and a flash that can be used both on and off my camera. I just like taking photos and experimenting. I do a...
  13. Rob87


    Not really a lot I can say about this as I'm sure every angle would have been shot to pieces and no doubt they will have been uploaded on here many a times. It was only fluke we visited as we were on our way to Longleat (other half was insistent it was in Norfolk), but when I saw it, I was in...
  14. Rob87


    Spent a rather long day at Longleat yesterday and I think I'm finally getting to grips with this photography malarkey. A tad underwhelmed with the 'adventure park' section as I have seen better but the safari was by far the best I have done and have managed to get some of my best shots...
  15. Rob87


    Out and about on a walk around Cannock Chase and came across this little pine cone on the trail that I like for some odd reason. Wonderful day had by all and i urge anyone nearby to spend a day walking around there. Pinecone on The Trail by Forsyth1987, on Flickr
  16. Rob87

    Woburn Safari Park

    Ive just come back from another lovely day looking at animals (albeit in captivity) and thought I would upload some pictures of my day for you all. Enjoy Marmoset by Forsyth1987, on Flickr Marmoset by Forsyth1987, on Flickr Peacock by Forsyth1987, on Flickr Gazelle by Forsyth1987, on Flickr...
  17. Rob87

    Abandoned Building and site

    I found a place today where the site was in disrepair. I was in a bit of a hurry as I had to meet people there but thought i could crack off a couple of quick shots of the general sadness of the place. Next time I am there I will try and get some more shots and explore some more. Colour and...
  18. Rob87

    Critique Reindeer witha stick

    Im going to take a huge plunge here and ask you lovely people to provide some nice (or at least if you hate it constructive criticism (y)) feedback on the below image. I have edited it before putting on Flikr to change to black and white and to crop the shot, but of anyone wants to know the...
  19. Rob87

    Eye reflection removal.

    Evening I have taken a few photo today and unfortunately, the patio doors have reflected into the eyes of my niece. I haven't been able to save up enough for photoshop etc so am using GIMP. The problem is, I haven't been able to work out how to remove the reflections in the eyes. Does anyone...
  20. Rob87

    Bars and fences at Zoo's

    Afternoon I have come back from Whipsnade Zoo today and have come across a problem. I really struggled to get shots through the fences and cages. I could zoom past the enough to get the majority of the fencing and wire out but looking back at the photos when I got home you could still see some...
  21. Rob87

    Raynox DCR-250

    Evening I loved doing close up photos on my bridge camera and would like to develop that more with my 600d. As I only have the 2 kit lenses at the moment and need to master how to use these before I shell out a small fortune on more lenses, I have found a Raynox DCR-250 that is clipped onto the...
  22. Rob87

    40 photos from history.

    Hopefully this link will work as I'm posting on my phone. Someone shared the link on facebook. There are some great shots of history in there. They aren't technically good but well worth a look. The swimming one pool is appaling when you read it.
  23. Rob87

    Warwick Castle

    Hi As per my previous posts, I am new to photography and have only just received my first decent camera. Yesterday I went to Warwick castle and took some snaps. I am really pleased with these two shots so I am throwing them out there for your opinions if people would be as kind as to give me...
  24. Rob87

    New and slightly in awe

    Evening all I got a nice free brand new bridge camera at the start of the year. I really enjoyed taking pictures with it and my partner got me a nice shiny new Canon 600d with the two kit lenses that arrived as a total surprise on Wednesday :) I have been looking at photos and threads on here...