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  1. Jimi-the-fish

    let There Be Light

    Great shafts of light! Did you dodge these in PP or were they really like that? For me the couple at the altar make this image something better than just a cathedral interior. I am unsure about the figure on the right, therefore. I think it might make "discovering" the couple more special if...
  2. Jimi-the-fish

    Hi, I'm from Buckinghamshire/Plymouth

    Welcome to TP!
  3. Jimi-the-fish

    What is your favourite Star Wars film?

    V for me too. Then IV for the memories and Rogue One was a welcome return to form.
  4. Jimi-the-fish

    Unexpected object in the night sky

    500mm mirror reflex on 1.6x crop from the back garden. J
  5. Jimi-the-fish

    Unexpected object in the night sky

    What he wrote was: "smaismrmilmepoetaleumibunenugttauiras" A latin anagram!
  6. Jimi-the-fish

    Photography Gear

    Original Poster. You! We see a little green OP next to your name in the thread. Cheers J
  7. Jimi-the-fish

    Total lunar eclipse (Blood moon) Friday 27th July

    Definately better to crouch in the middle of a field. Pretend to be a mushroom and don't run. Cars are great because they are made of metal not because of the tyres. #FaradayCage Hope this helps save a life somewhere! Good luck out there... J
  8. Jimi-the-fish

    Beginner Order mistake.

    You could argue that you didn't get the advertised 35-80mm lens either...
  9. Jimi-the-fish

    Car buying advice please...downsizing, or am I?

    [emoji1] Probably too old to be cool anymore! One of my "younger" colleagues drives an Audi TT. It takes a lot to impress many of these kids as mummy, daddy and the au pair all drive unnecessarily large 4x4s etc #commuterbelt #Teslasatparentsevening
  10. Jimi-the-fish

    Car buying advice please...downsizing, or am I?

    Thanks All! Gman and Nawty CR-V vs CX-5 looks like a close-run thing. Can't afford too recent so will have a look at how the older models of these two compare. J
  11. Jimi-the-fish

    Car buying advice please...downsizing, or am I?

    Thanks Andyred. Had thought about hiring but have got used to having a big boot for diy, tip runs etc so would have to get used to living without that...
  12. Jimi-the-fish

    Car buying advice please...downsizing, or am I?

    Cheers! I won't ask how you know...
  13. Jimi-the-fish

    Car buying advice please...downsizing, or am I?

    Thanks. Yes, obviously local stuff and occasional trips to see kids and relatives, maybe ten times a year - motorways and A303!
  14. Jimi-the-fish

    Car buying advice please...downsizing, or am I?

    Dear Hivemind, I need your collected wisdom. Need to buy a used car but completely unsure what to get. Need space for three adult sized children in the back when they are back from uni. and to go on holiday (yes, they still want to come with us!) as well as space for taking their stuff to and...
  15. Jimi-the-fish

    Beginning of a Lunar Eclipse

    Rayleigh scattering caused by the atmosphere. Also causes the red colouring because red light is scattered through small angles ie in the forward direction whereas blue light is scattered through large angles (this is why the sky is blue). Amount of scattering depends on the amount of dust in...
  16. Jimi-the-fish

    Beginning of a Lunar Eclipse

    Looks like part of a lunar eclipse to me. (Astrophysics graduate)
  17. Jimi-the-fish

    Photography rules, there is 1 that I keep breaking.

    There is an inverse square law which gets misused a lot...
  18. Jimi-the-fish

    The Colour Theory

    Enjoyed the bits about perceived colour. It's just a shame so much of the physics is wrong. Light does exist even if nothing is there for it to interact with. Blue skies and sunsets are down to Rayleigh scattering and the boundary effects are caused by diffraction.
  19. Jimi-the-fish

    Blowing stuff up

    No-one has asked the important question: "...stuff blowing up at work..."! Where do you work?? J
  20. Jimi-the-fish

    NGC2264 - The Christmas tree cluster, cone and lots of nebulosity

    Beautiful image again Sara. Amazing detail. What filters are you using?
  21. Jimi-the-fish

    Ask Prices here

    Hi What price can you do on a Tamron 70-200 f/2.8 Di VC USD for Canon please?
  22. Jimi-the-fish

    odd shaped stars?

    I would guess at a combination of focus and flirting with the 500 rule. 5 seconds is just OK at 85mm but obviously if you look closely you will see evidence of the Earth's rotation!
  23. Jimi-the-fish

    M78 and Barnards Loop

    As an astrophysicist I prefer the real colours but as a photographer don't mind the creative ones!
  24. Jimi-the-fish

    M78 and Barnards Loop

    Beautiful! I love the detail in your images. Big telescopes don't do a whole lot better.
  25. Jimi-the-fish

    The Going To The Cinema & General Film Thread

    I enjoyed it until the end. I thought of at least three alt. endings that would have been better. Got most of the physics right though which pleased me.
  26. Jimi-the-fish

    'Clarkson' Parking

    Then how would you get out?
  27. Jimi-the-fish

    Beginner What lense for a beginner?

    You can do macro by reversing a lens. Assuming crop camera the Kit lens at 18mm will give you a good close-up to start with without buying a lens.