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    Alpen Glow on Aiguille du Chardonnet

    _DSC2929 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr
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    Midi D'Ossau

    Don't hate to say or think it - I get these will be an acquired taste for sure. I like 'em but not everyone will.
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    Lovely morning at Point of Ayr Lighthouse

    I'm a pastel fan so the second to last gets my vote, whilst the first two are very spectacular the softer tones and less dramatic contrast make the 2nd to last the winner for me.
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    Funchal, Madeira

    An enjoyable series from a brilliant place. I love Maderia.
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    Midi D'Ossau

    Fantastic bit of rock this with a nice bit of light. _DSC3199 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr _DSC3202 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr
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    Carneddau dawn

    Love it.
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    Flying visit to Glencoe ski resort.

    The two Loch Tulla's for me
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    Samgsung vs Sandisk SDD

    Ordered 2x Samsung T5's. I'll make separate back ups on each.
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    Anyone know a guy who dropped his D850 camera up North?

    Coastal photography and shooting in inclement weathers certainly pose more of a hazard to gear, wind, sea waves etc. Chances are your home insurance will cover replacement costs etc. Sounds a sad story.
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    Critique Hareshaw Linn, Northumberland

    I like the B&W - the last is the best but reckon a wide crop losing the top where they sky enters into the frame might give it more impact.
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    Moon and Slioch

    Nice - I reckon a hair off the bottom to lose the bit of land that sticks out at the bottom left. Makes it cleaner and simpler. You've got a dust bunny to remove too.
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    Imagine the fear of losing your sight

    I totally get it. Without my sight I doubt I’d have much to live for.
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    Imagine the fear of losing your sight That must be terrifying knowing you could lose your sight. How would you all spend your time knowing you might only have a few years before losing your sight. Me, I'd be over the Pyrenees and Alps ASAP to see and shoot them...
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    Winter arrives in Snowdonia!

    That’s a very nice example of the shot. The lights epic
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    Cornwall Sunset

    Glorious shot - lovely and simple and lovely colours.
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    Inverness Town House

    It's a good exposure but yes, the verticals. Perhaps more importantly is the tops of the spires are cut off in the comp. Scenes like this need a little space at the top - particularly if you're selling for commercial use. It's one to retake once the scaffolding is off and perhaps in portrait...
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    Scotland Scotland ?! Help please !

    I don’t even bother trying to protect myself from midges. The irritation they cause is so mild it’s barely worth giving a moments thought too.
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    Up on Dartmoor

    I too think the little reflection in 3 is a very nice touch and adds a little extra to the scene. I think though autumn or summer is the time for this - something about bare trees doesn't sit right with me.
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    On Mont Blanc

    You cannot go wrong - I went in 2017 and it was amazing, sadly it was closed when I went to Chamonix in 2018 but as you say the opportunities are endless for good pictures.
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    On Mont Blanc

    I have several very similar identical shots from here. You've taken this at Aiguille du Midi looking to Grandes Jorasses. It's a fabulous view and I like your picture. Me, personally, could crop it maybe 4x5 losing the bottom climbers etc and make the picture less "skinny". It's one of my...
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    B&W Sheep and barn

    That image has responded so well to the critique and I feel it’s now as good as it can be.
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    Prairy stripes

    The OP is going to have to go into curves or levels and manually fix the red, green and blue curves probably to fix this.
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    B&W Sheep and barn

    Bar the vingette and frame/border this is a great B&W image. All the vignette does is make the sides darker to detriment of the image,
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    Critique Saltwick Bay and the Admiral Von Tromp wreck

    This is a lot better-I like a lot of midtone in an image, but 1st was too greyscale - even more me - look at the waves in that version, and then the latest one and you can clearly see the improvement. 3,4 and the last from your original post are processed fine.
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    Critique Saltwick Bay and the Admiral Von Tromp wreck

    Careful - you might upset some precious delicate souls on the forum :D
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    Critique Autumn photography competition

    Autumn is all about colour so would suggest the colour entry. It is over processed as it were - but you can fix that and create an alternative rendition that might be more pleasing to those you seek to please with the image.
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    Beginner Durham by night

    The last one has twigs poking out and a lot of tree's in the frame - being winter they are bare. Bare tree's are a huge turn off for me, The second to last has too much dark negative space on the left The one I like has less tree's and the bridge acts as a lead in. It's a good composition 1 is...
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    Beginner Durham by night

    3rd to last is easily the stand out shot here
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    As always a supreme shot. Brilliant composition and processing and all the better for not framing gondallas (blurred or static) in the shot You know what I’d really like. This shot in landscape orientation without the foreground. The real interest isn’t the fence but the distant view.