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  1. Seajay

    The Beach House...

    Thank you all! It is always a pleasure to read comments :)
  2. Seajay


    2 excellent images! Love the eye contact of the first.
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    Visit to Loch Lomond

    Sam thank you. I have loved all comments and fully understand them now. I shoot by myself so learning as I go. I cant wait for another outing with my camera so that I can practice everything I have learned from posting this image. I have been looking online about leading lines etc so i need to...
  4. Seajay

    Visit to Loch Lomond

    Great learning info I had not even noticed that but will remember now . Thank you .
  5. Seajay

    Visit to Loch Lomond

    I can see that now too so maybe need to use my 70-200 to get a little closer. I did have it with me so next time I am going to try that thank you.
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    Visit to Loch Lomond

    Had a look and think this might work better. Loch Lomond... by Catherine Cochrane, on Flickr
  7. Seajay

    Visit to Loch Lomond

    Thank you everyone! I love all the comments just what I need to hear as I took so many of this island on the day :) I will now go and look at them again. One had nothing more than a small rock in front that might be better but I will post what I find. Thanks for looking :)
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    Blea tarn sunrise reflections

    Great location and super captures!
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    The Lighthouse at Rattray Head

    All great shots of the lighthouse and a good example of why we should return to the same destinations to see how different the main subject can look on different days.
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    From Bwlch Tryfan

    Beautiful capture! I love how all the tones just blend into each other.
  11. Seajay

    A few days on Skye

    Excellent set of images!
  12. Seajay

    Beginner Little bit of woodland

    I would be delighted with all of these so very well done! The first is my favourite it just grabs you.
  13. Seajay

    Visit to Loch Lomond

    Quick stop at Loch lomond a few days ago. It was such a misty morning so was not too sure if it was worthwhile bothering as I have not ever taken any images in mist but just went for it. Island in the mist... by Catherine Cochrane, on Flickr
  14. Seajay

    moon picture

    This was my attempt hand held using my Sigma 150-600mm no idea how to process it properly but just eye balled it until I liked it. I thought I had lots of stars but think its noise lol. Full Moon... by Catherine Cochrane, on Flickr
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    Just a dunnock

    Beautiful shot!
  16. Seajay

    The Beach House...

    Not really a beach house but what a gorgeous place to have your home. This is Maidens Beach in Ayrshire. Beach House... by Catherine Cochrane, on Flickr
  17. Seajay

    Which L bracket

    It is the 6D I have sent you a message with details Cathy
  18. Seajay

    Which L bracket

    Elliot yes that would be fine I will send you my contact details and we can get that sorted once you get home. I take it this one is for the Arca fitting? Thank you :)
  19. Seajay

    Which L bracket

    Like the look of the one in the second link thank you :) So thinking an L plate for the Canon 6D plus this adapter might be the answer.
  20. Seajay

    Which L bracket

    Yes you are right so I would only be using one for the Canon 6D I tend to use the other for nature birds etc.
  21. Seajay

    Which L bracket

    Hi everyone! I am looking to purchase a L bracket for my canon 6D and Canon 7D Markii I use a Manfrotto MT190CXPRO4 Carbon Fibre Tripod with 496RC2 Ballhead but not sure if this set up is compatable with L plates that use standard Arca Swiss clamps and heads. Was looking at 3 legged thing...
  22. Seajay

    Non UK Dorchester-Boston

    Thank you I am looking forward to it but was hoping someone here had been as I know nothing of this City in the USA but I will have a look on Flickr for some ideas.
  23. Seajay

    Non UK Dorchester-Boston

    Hi everyone! Heading to Dorchester in Boston soon and just looking for ideas from any of you who have been on best places to take some nice landscapes or any interesting shots and also best areas if any for wildlife? Thank you Cathy.
  24. Seajay

    Devils staircase

    Stunning shot! and super refections and sorry to hear about your knee Ouch!
  25. Seajay

    Wild Little Owl in decent light

    Super capture! Loving the detail and the bokeh background
  26. Seajay

    Nap time!

    Was so wishing I had kept my camera in my car today. My Great Grandaughter was fast asleep on the sofa during my visit and looked so cute! Best I could do was capture this moment wth my Iphone.
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    Thank you so much [emoji3] I was not expecting such a nice positive comment. I just feel it lacks pop ! this is the only way I can think to describe it. I tried several changes before settling on this but felt it just needed something to enhance it a little more. Yes you are right about the...
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    Not done any portraits for a while. This is one of my grandsons who is always a willing subject. I find that I prefer chaging most of my family pictures into black and white but would love to hear of any good links to help improve this as I feel my black and whites are a little flat.
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    Wasps in flight

    Wow! Fabulous shots best I have ever seen of a wasp.
  30. Seajay

    Puffin from The Isle of May.

    Thank you :) I tried a little harder this time with the help I got from you all. Having the blinkies on helped a lot :) Will go back again next year as I loved it so much.