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  1. chris2jz

    Beginner Little bit of woodland

    Thank you all :) Much appreciated, looking forward to getting out with John now.
  2. chris2jz

    Beginner Little bit of woodland

    Thank you all so much, much more positive than I expected when asking for critique. I'll no doubt post after said 1-2-1 and let you know :) Thanks Steve, much appreciated. These are a tiny slice though of my work in woodland, I'm nowhere close to it. Many thanks Scott, I'm going with John...
  3. chris2jz

    Beginner Little bit of woodland

    I've long admired the woodland photographers from afar, it's fantastic when done properly but oh so easy to get wrong and get frustrated with. I've got a 1-2-1 workshop later this month with a local chap who does some amazing work and hope to learn a lot more with him, but for now these two are...
  4. chris2jz

    Milky Way

    The biggest issue with Glencoe is getting clear skies with no moon The Mountaina and I by Chris Marr, on Flickr
  5. chris2jz

    Milky Way

    August/September or April/May in Glencoe . Glencoe nights by Chris Marr, on Flickr Glencoe Lochan by Chris Marr, on Flickr
  6. chris2jz

    2018 UK Landscape Photographer of the Year

    I had a brief look and wasn't a huge fan of the winner at first - It's different though and he's made the most of a pretty dull sky as well. I really liked Stuart McGlennon's image of Buttermere though - He seems to consistently produce very good work.
  7. chris2jz

    First Light On Grand Union Canal

    The colours are really beginning to show :) A misty morning down there would be epic. I bet a tighter crop here would be nice
  8. chris2jz

    Wild Bamburgh sunset.

    Many thanks :)
  9. chris2jz

    Wild Bamburgh sunset.

    Cheers Mark, probably the same for me tbh !
  10. chris2jz

    Wild Bamburgh sunset.

    Bamburgh but not the sunrise which seems to be very popular, living outside Glasgow the sunset is much easier to do :D I saw Martin's images last week from here and damnit I had to visit. I didn't quite get all the bits together but I came away with a few images I'm happy with. Bamburgh II by...
  11. chris2jz

    Car Mods.

    I've just sold my Supra TT for a Volvo :( C30 D3 - had it remapped to 205bhp and colour coded the wheels. I feel a bit dead inside :(
  12. chris2jz

    Nikon D750

    Bought a new lens, dusted off the camera and went out before sunrise. Actually enjoyed myself as well. Mornings up the brae's by Chris Marr, on Flickr
  13. chris2jz

    Heaven (aka Torridon)

    Magic stuff Mike :cool:
  14. chris2jz

    Scotland Fishing boats Scotland

    Fife - St Monans, Anstruther, Pittenweem etc etc
  15. chris2jz

    Critique Kilchurn Castle

    Good stuff mate :) Shame you missed the sunrise tho !
  16. chris2jz

    Another 'figure in the landscape' shot

    Good on you Nick, I always enjoy your work.
  17. chris2jz

    Which photography youtube channels do you subscribe to?

    I'm in one of Brendans Vlogs :D He's a really nice guy !
  18. chris2jz


    Nothing new or exciting but some excellent conditions last week Two out of three by Chris Marr, on Flickr Golden threads by Chris Marr, on Flickr A segment by Chris Marr, on Flickr Stob Dubh by Chris Marr, on Flickr Down there by Chris Marr, on Flickr :)
  19. chris2jz

    dalmally to tyndrum sunset

    So much better on here Tam, I do love the second image but the first isn't far behind mate
  20. chris2jz

    What are you using as more compact/second camera

    Google Pixel 2 XL now.
  21. chris2jz

    B&W Lost in the snow

    Thank you :) Thank you mate, wanted a good one here for sooo long Is that good ? Thank you - I love Kilchurn, probarly spend far too much time there to be honest Many thanks
  22. chris2jz

    B&W Lost in the snow

    One from yesterday morning locally to me . I stood here for about 45 minutes waiting on another blizzard to pass through for this, I hope it was worth my while - Didn't feel it at the time ! My tree by Chris Marr, on Flickr
  23. chris2jz

    Nikon D750

    Castle Semple reflections by Chris Marr, on Flickr Just took the 24/70 for a wee walk this morning
  24. chris2jz

    Nikon D750

    I won the lens - it's still in its box, I never intended to keep it ? Maybe a spare bag with some backup kit is the way forward. I tend to do long days and nights out shooting, I'll head out for sunset and then stay out for some astro. What i really need is a 14-200 F2.8 Plz :D
  25. chris2jz

    Nikon D750

    Yeah something a bit lighter would be nice, my bag is already pretty ridiculous. I'm selling a 20mm 1.8g, once that goes i'll see what I have to play with £ wise and take it from there. Thanks again
  26. chris2jz

    Nikon D750

    Thanks for the replies :) Doing some research now, I reckon 200 at the long end is more than enough.
  27. chris2jz

    Blea Tarn and Side Pike

    Great work Phil, number one stands out for me :)
  28. chris2jz

    Nikon D750

    Any suggestions for something longer than my 24-70 I can use for landscapes that won't break the bank ? Maybe something older and manual ? I would love the 70-200 F4 but even second hand they're expensive.
  29. chris2jz

    Craigie Linn waterfall

    Excellent :) But - How many buckfast bottles did you have to photoshop out ? I visited a year or so ago and couldn't believe the state of the place :(