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    Weekly RazorHoof's 52 in 2019 thread

    Distant Treating this as a place holder for now; will probably try to re-take this image with the turbines in a more ordered arrangement
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    Weekly RazorHoof's 52 in 2019 thread

    Open For Business
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    Weekly RazorHoof's 52 in 2019 thread

    Week Two: Clean
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    Weekly RazorHoof's 52 in 2019 thread

    So I had an idea in mind for this, hoping for a sunrise with some amazing colours, but with only one morning available due to working night shifts for the rest of the week, that didn't quite happen. Starting with a fairly empty sky, apart from a solid bank of cloud on the horizon where the sun...
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    Notice TP 52'ers challenge for 2019 Post your images here ( no comments) Week 52 out takes

    Week 1 New dawn, new horizons View: Linky
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    Weekly RazorHoof's 52 in 2019 thread

    In the immortal words of Celebrity Deathmatch referee Mills Lane, "Let's get it on!"
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    Notice TP 52'ers challenge for 2019 Sign up thread

    Not long to go now, really looking forward to this.
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    What was the last gig you went to?

    Melvins supported by John Spencer Blues Explosion at the Concorde2 in Brighton a few weeks ago. Awesome night.
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    The TP 52'ers challenge 2019

    Would certainly like to give it a go
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    Cat Appreciation Society! - lets see those catz!

    annie1 by Rob Thorpe, on Flickr Arthur by Rob Thorpe, on Flickr IMG_3957 by Rob Thorpe, on Flickr
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    What have you done with your camera today

    Wanted to try out back-button focus, so did some menu diving to turn shutter-button half depress off, and switched to servo mode. Still getting used to it, but already I think this method is going to work much better for the way I shoot
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    Best shows on Prime/Netflix?

    Have been through Archer and Rick & Morty several times, re-watched Sherlock, Peaky Blinders and The Thick Of It. Older stuff including Dexter (first couple of seasons, after that the production noticeably falls away), Breaking Bad, Fargo - TV and Film Newer stuff: Mindhunter, Punisher, Better...
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    Chroma - Lasercut Acrylic 4x5 Field Camera

    Really enjoying this thread, am about to embark on a couple of projects combining photography and electronics - that clip regarding rotary encoders will be particularly useful. Not having any experience working with alcantara, I was wondering if making three or four folds and then clamping...