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    What editing setups are people using?

    I have to use both. I use lots of different machines at the Archive where I volunteer and at home. We have a couple of Mac Minis at the Archive which work far better than the Windows machines though our server has issues with Macs. At home I'm now exclusively Mac and can't understand why anyone...
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    Aperture won't work on MacOS 10.15+ So, what next, Capture One?

    I have had a lot of difficulty using Aperture, which I've used since day 1, in Mojave. It won't recognise PSD files any more, and since most of my out of Aperture processing is in PS, this has been something of a nuisance. It hasn't been able to upload to Zenfolio for some time now and though I...
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    Printing advice. Labs or home?

    Get them done commercially. The time messing about with your own printer is better spent elsewhere. You've found someone good and they will always be cheaper than home printing. In my humble opinion obviously.