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    Beginner Best Telephoto Lens

    I’d tend to agree with the above. I bought this lens as my second lens to add to the kit 18-55 to give me more range. It’s a great lens for the price. I take a lot of motorsport pics and have got some great shots from this. I’ll also add that I’ve also got a Nikon 18-300 super zoom which I...
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    Beginner Upgrading from first dslr body

    Thanks for the replies To hopefully clarify a little, I love my 3300, but I’ve started to find situations where it feels like it’s starting to struggle a bit. Eg using burst mode is a bit laggy for sports photography, and low light performance is ok but not great. I have a few dx lenses for...
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    Beginner Upgrading from first dslr body

    Hi all Im looking for some thoughts/guidance. I’m looking to upgrade from my current Nikon d3300 body which I’ve had for a couple of years now. I’d been thinking of going for the d7500 so I can use my existing dx lenses. But I’m starting to wonder whether I should go full frame or not. I shoot...
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    Beginner Wedding photography courses around London - are they worth it/recommendations

    Hi all I’m new to this forum and am hoping for some advice/recommendations. I’ve done a few weddings for friends/family, and found I enjoyed doing them. I’m now thinking about taking a wedding photography course/workshop to help build by skills etc further. Has anyone taken one of these...