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  1. Will.B

    Let's see your amusing sign shots

    Good for the complexion apparently.
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    Just been going through some old images I shot on a trip through Asia. This one stood out to me. Taken in Vietnam on a trek through the Sapa region I believe.
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    Thanks for the feedback Geof.
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    Had another tinker with this, bringing up the shadows and cropping out the foreground.
  5. Will.B

    Milton Sands Rock Arch

    Happened upon this lovely place on a day trip in Devon.
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    Moody overcast day

    Hello. I haven't posted anything in a while. I haven't taken a picture for some time now as it happens. Must change that soon. In the meantime I have been going through some of my old pics and found this one I took last year on a trip out in New Zealand on a non descript beach on the east coast...
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    Why fanx. :)
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    Strange talk on the street

    Thanks Kodiak.
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    Cheers y'all. Had another go, this time without the heavy vignetting. Lost a bit of the colour cast as well.
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    Mucking about with some pics I took while on a trip in Singapore a while back. Came up with this. I quite like it.
  13. Will.B

    Emma Gorge, El Questro, WA

    A set I took on a gorge walk on a trip around July. Finally getting round to processing and playing around with a few options. Any comments and crit welcomed. Thanks for viewing.
  14. Will.B

    A moth aloft a marigold

    Cheers. Graham, so it is, thanks. I think it may be a Polytremis Discreta Discreta. Otherwise known as a Himalayan white-fringed swift. I took it in Nepal on a trek in the Annapurna region.
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    A moth aloft a marigold

  16. Will.B

    A moth aloft a marigold

  17. Will.B

    A bee and marigold

    Yeah ok, think you're right. Ta.
  18. Will.B

    A bee and marigold

    Thanks, hmm, i'm not sure i'll give it ago. I kinda liked and chose that crop with those in frame purposely. Something i liked about them, a bit of interest in the bokeh and i like the way it offsets the image with the bee less central in the frame. But perhaps you're right.
  19. Will.B

    A bee and marigold

    Does what it says on the tin...
  20. Will.B

    Karekare Beach

    Thanks for your comments. Neil, You're right, thanks for pointing that out. I think i sensed something was not quite there but hadn't really put my finger what it was that was bugging me. I'm not quite sure what happened here whether i must have knocked the focus out a touch when i was putting...
  21. Will.B

    Karekare Beach

    One of my favourite shots i took on a trip to New Zealand a month or so ago. Reworked in the last couple of days to correct the temperature and dynamics a bit. Any cc or thoughts welcome. Thanks for viewing.
  22. Will.B

    Wild Goldcrest BBC wildlife calendar

    Beautiful shots. Well done and congrats.
  23. Will.B

    Are DSLRs too complex for beginners

    Yes very true and with that in mind I fell personally that is why I like to go fully manual. It is an art to me. I like to be in control. To be able to feel I have actually achieved something. It’s a validation thing as well. Which is very human. I don’t think a bad thing but a thing to be aware...
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    Uses for a dead iMac?

    Take it to the mac store. I have a 2011 model and I had similar issues. First I took it to a third party mac doctor. Apparently the board had overheated and the graphics chip had melted off the board. They fixed it for a couple of hundred quid. 6 months later it happened again. I took it to...