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    Second opinion on monitor calibration - Poll

    I always use the histogram to set the exposure, but often I have to underexpose to avoid clipping something and then pull it back in post.
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    Second opinion on monitor calibration - Poll

    I think this was a worthwhile exercise, all the checks I had done in advance told me that B was probably the best exposure, which has been shown by the Poll. One of the ways you can get a good idea what the real exposure level is is to use the waveform tool in some video editing software where...
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    Second opinion on monitor calibration - Poll

    If the same number of people say it is B and C then I would be happy that the ideal exposure level is somewhere between the two images.
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    Second opinion on monitor calibration - Poll

    If the majority of viewers using different monitors, browsers and devices concur that one image has an ideal exposure then I think that gives a good indication that the real world exposure of that image is probably right.
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    Second opinion on monitor calibration - Poll

    Thanks for the votes so far, please don't turn this into a debate about monitor calibration.
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    Second opinion on monitor calibration - Poll

    I have just replaced my monitor, the new one comes pre-calibrated to various calibrations like sRGB, Rec 709 etc. I have have also run my Spyder Express on it which gave the same result as the sRGB profile so I am happy with the colours. I thought it would be good to get a second opinion on the...
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    Basel Modernist/High Tech Architecture

    I was in Basel for a few days just before it was all locked down and managed to visit a few interesting sites. It's well worth a visit if you are into Modernist/High Tech architecture. I was in work mode so they are all in my normal work style and don't really show off what a great tourist...
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    Beginner Budget options for Video with external mic

    Depending on the phone he has he might be better upgrading his phone and using something like a rode videomic on a stand plugged into the phone.
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    Video varying Depth of Field

    You can use a depth of field pull. You can do it by using a variable ND filter or ISO to compensate for the change in aperture. You need to be able to vary the ND or the ISO smoothly or you are going to get steps in the exposure variation.
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    2 From Finland

    Very nice, they make me think about the work of William Eggleston.
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    Lime Kilns, Black Country Living Museum

    Thanks for the feed back.
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    Lime Kilns, Black Country Living Museum

    I was working at the Black County Museum yesterday and saw this scene while taking a break. 5 minutes calm in a hectic day. Nikon 24mm shift lens.
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    Audio recording with video

    Why don't you just plug your zoom recorder in to the back of the mixing desk.
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    Best focal length for interior shots

    I find that going wider than 18mm on a full frame makes things look very distorted in the corners. You can help this to a certain extent by not getting too close to things at the corners of the frame and using a lower camera position. This creates more perspective distortion on the ceiling but...
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    drone flight

    I don't think it is possible to keep a Mavic "within line of site"when it's over 500m away and it's only 20-30m above the ground You flew within a built up area You flew directly over houses and within 50m of other buildings (as you mentioned above) at 20-30m high At the end of the day it's up...
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    drone flight

    To comply with the regs, You must keep the drone in sight at all times You must not fly within 150m of a built up area You must not fly within 50m of people, vehicles or structures
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    drone flight

    You might want to check out the Drone Code.
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    24 fps for cinematic in U.K?

    You won't notice the difference between 24 and 25fps. If you are playing back on a TV 25fps will give you a better playback. If you are playing back on a computer monitor then it's best to output either from the camera or your editing software at 30 or 60 fps as monitors tend to refresh at 60Hz...
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    Stotfold Mill

    Photo Stotfold Mill taken last week. The mill does not own the land on either side of the stream so this shot had to be taken from a bend using a 200mm lens, I would normally use a 24 or 35mm shift lens for this sort of work. I was commissioned to take it back in the Autumn but had to wait until...
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    MIcrophone Help?

    If you don't want the mic in shot then the best option is the lav. mic just spend some time fixing it to keep it away from your clothing and tape the cable to your body to stop it moving around. If you are happy to have the mic in the shot then you would probably get better results with...
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    MIcrophone Help?

    If you are still picking up a lot of background with your lav. mic then you probably have too much background noise.
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    Practising my cinematic reveals.

    Practising my cinematic reveals on the north Cornish coast. View:
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    Which Camera to Upgrade to for Architectural Photography

    Buy something that's full frame that will give you the best choice in terms of shift lenses and wide angle lenses. It's better to put your money into decent lenses and if you need to save some money buy bodies that are used. Bear in mind if you are doing it professionally you may need a couple...
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    Walkie Talkie

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    Art Deco/Nouveau (an open thread) Streamline, Modernist, Bauhaus too

    Gillette building in Hounslow. The crop is a bit tighter than I would like but I only had my 35mm shift lens with me.
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    XT-3 video focus problem

    I think the problem is not enough high contrast light for the AF to work. You don't get this problem with stills as the camera focuses wide open then stops down when you actually take the shot. I don't think adding ND will help this problem as you will still be allowing the same amount of light...
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    Best wide angle lens - Nikon Full Frame

    The Tokina 16-28 f/2.8 is a very nice lens that can be had for about £400 used, although with your budget it would be worth spending a bit more and getting the Nikon 14-24 f/2.8 for around £750 used. If you buy a nice one you won't loose anything on it if you want to sell it. Think about...
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    Beginner RE: Setup for shooting internal building pictures.

    I don't understand why you would shoot at IS0 800, you are giving away a couple of stops of dynamic range and adding a lot more noise to your images by not shooting at your base ISO. As you are using a tripod why don't you just use a longer shutter speed.
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    Critique London Wall Place

    With building photography you are always going to be at a disadvantaged if you are using a cropped sensor. If you do a lot of this type of photography it might be worth getting a full frame body. The thing about a shift lens is that you can significantly increase the field of view by shifting...