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  1. JackBell

    Critique Grey Heron at Newgale Beach (more added 22/3)

    Nice shots, particularly like the second. Birds seem to be able to spot me from 3-4 miles away, however still and camouflaged I am.
  2. JackBell

    Sturminster Mill Mono

    The distortions kill it for me, don't know if it would have been possible to get further back and use a longer lens maybe? Otherwise it looks a nice image and suits Mono.
  3. JackBell

    Pentax ME Super light seals

    How daft am I?? it was obvious when you think about it ( which I didn't ) I had light entry firmly in my thoughts. Just done a test on 'B' and it's exactly what you say. Thanks Gramps.
  4. JackBell

    Pentax ME Super light seals

    Hi, currently refurbishing a Pentax ME Super, I have fixed some issues with the Manual Exp buttons and Exp Comp dial and am now changing the light seals, a test roll showed no leaks but they are disintegrating. Inside the mirror box there is a small strip of foam that needs removing as it is...
  5. JackBell

    Beginner Lumix G1 Lenses... HELP

    Hi, first of all Lumix lenses are only 'different to other in terms of mm ' in relation to other camera formats, therefore a 42.5mm lens on your camera will have exactly the same view as if you set 42,5mm on your current lens (14-45). To have a more blurred background you need a lens with a...
  6. JackBell

    MPB - Very Poor

    Yes I did, I didn't start a thread about it, but commented on someone else's. I've done exactly the same this time.
  7. JackBell

    MPB - Very Poor

    I've had good service up until my last transaction a few weeks ago, put a body in PX for a camera and lens, the camera turned up but not the lens!! they had about 10 in stock of that lens too. Why not contact me (they had both my email and mobile number) and offer a replacement if there had been...
  8. JackBell

    youtube videos on photography

    Me too, aother favourite was Craig Prentis but he hasn't put a video out for a while now. In fact a lot of photo vloggers seem to be reducing their output.
  9. JackBell

    A misty forest

    Just one question,WHY?
  10. JackBell

    A good time to buy a DSLR ?

    It's a great camera but I don't think Nikon would've spent millions on R&D for their FF range over the last 10 years if your statement was true.
  11. JackBell

    Using my old Nikon F60 film camera again

    I seem to remember if there was no DX coding it defaulted to 200, so no it probably isn't.
  12. JackBell

    Using my old Nikon F60 film camera again

    Is there a DX coding on the film case? if there isn't this might make a difference, not sure though.
  13. JackBell

    A few photos taken from the side of a boat in the Arctic Circle with a Fuji X-T3

    Love the sky in the last one, actually some of the clouds resemble whales (or is that just me).
  14. JackBell

    Wellies and alternatives???

    I have had my Aigle's 8 years now, great wellie's, expensive, but I work for a farm supply company and got them discounted. Expect to get another 8 years out of them too.
  15. JackBell

    not sharp enough

    Doesn't look too bad to me considering the conditions, don't forget your 300mm end is approx 450mm on a crop sensor (equivalent) so 500th would be minimum for me even allowing for IS and subject movement.
  16. JackBell

    Been done to death

    Almost ;)
  17. JackBell

    Been done to death

    That branch isn't usually that low in the pictures I've seen (never been) has it just happened recently?
  18. JackBell

    Film SLR 35 mm help

    Can I jump on the back of this thread please? I've been hankering to get back into film for a while now and the upshot is I put a £30 bid in at a local auction on Friday for a job lot of 3 film cameras (2 compacts) and 2 early digital compacts, a Pentax 50/1.7 a Pentacon 200 f4, Pentacon 30mm...
  19. JackBell

    Infinity Bridge Dawn

    Nice, conditions certainly were lovely on the N.E coast that morning, I was at Embleton Bay, glorious!! Did you use a ND for the shot or was the water that smooth without need?
  20. JackBell

    Bargain Sony A7ii £600 after cashback

    Just get the wife to buy it in her name.......................oh wait!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. JackBell

    Has anybody gone back to their DSLR?

    Me, I bought a Sony A7 original in January as I fancied using some of my old manual lenses on a digital body. It's now at the bottom of some cliffs in Eyemouth (don't ask) so now I'm back to my K3. I enjoyed using it but I'm undecided on getting a replacement, for me the worst feature of...
  22. JackBell

    Canon 50d

    I stopped buying Canons after this model, in my opinion Canons worst sensor for noise (the 40D was better). Apart from the sensor though everything else was great.
  23. JackBell

    Critique Copt Hill

    Nice image, slight negatives from my personal taste are that the Seven Sisters (the trees) should be the main subject, but here they are too small in the frame. Also I don't like to see the houses and factories in the background, my own favourite shot from here had mist in the background to...
  24. JackBell

    What and when was your first serious camera?

    Great traditional photography shop, bought fair bit of stuff from him and his sons over the years. Sadly he passed away earlier this year, canny innings though.
  25. JackBell

    Elidir Fawr - Image added

    #1 nice, absolutely needs the figure imo. #2 Too contrasty and the bright area of shattered rocks on the left too dominant. #3 Best of the three imo, though I would make it more 'pano' and crop a bit more off the bottom.
  26. JackBell

    What and when was your first serious camera?

    1978, lusted after a Fujica (as they called them then) but could only afford a Zenit E 'used' in Chas Eagles window. Three years later when I had a little more money I bought a Pentax ME Super. Seemed to be a common route into cameras in those times.
  27. JackBell

    Loch Leathan

    As above, stunning. Light, composition and content are top drawer imo.
  28. JackBell

    Carl Wark from Higger Tor

    Nice feeling of depth and like the bronzey(?) tones.
  29. JackBell

    Roughting Linn Northumberland

    Like the first, strange colours in the second, the B+W nice too.
  30. JackBell

    Critique Lone tree Alnwick

    Definitely with for me, makes it a much more interesting shot. That small white cloud could do with being toned down a tad (or cloned out altogether) bit distracting being so bright.