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    What are people's thoughts on the grey market area websites?

    Bought from efinity No problems Good communication and prompt delivery
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    Beginner I Made A Book!

    There are several on Amazon around 40 May try one of those
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    Beginner I Made A Book!

    Which binder machine and from where? Thinking of trying this myself
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    WAMT....what annoyed me today!

    Not down till 6/1
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    Here since 830 Dog going absolutely bonkers
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    Olympus OM-D E-M5, E-M1, E-M10 & Mark 2 Owners Thread

    Thanks for the replies I am definitely leaning towards oly version if I can get £430 for my X100t it will fund the 12-40 from efinity
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    Olympus OM-D E-M5, E-M1, E-M10 & Mark 2 Owners Thread

    Whilst waiting for my recently purchased em5 to arrive i am looking at lenses I am thinking of either oly 12-40 or Panasonic 12-35 would be trading my x100t Any views on either? Leaning towards oly at the moment
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    Fuji x100/S/T/F Owners Thread

    I'll be selling my X100T shortly to fund fund m43 lens purchases if your interested
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    Olympus OM-D E-M5, E-M1, E-M10 & Mark 2 Owners Thread

    Just pressed the button on an EM5 Mark 2 Not really getting on with my Fuji x100t missing the slr style Will sell to fund lenses for my new toy Will follow this thread for info and advice
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    Contact 2020: A Project Idea for 2020: Anyone Interested?

    I would be interested Gives me a push to get out more
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    Terry O'Neill

    Watch 'the man who shot the sixties ' I think??
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    North England Hello from Manchester

    I am in Ramsbottom and would be up for a meet
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    Masking tape?
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    David Suchet 'on photography'

    Didn't David Suchet once front a documentary on photography a few years ago Me and my camera?? Maybe
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    What is the photograph you are bored rigid from seeing

    A lot!! On Instagram photos reappear every few days Some are several year's old!!
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    Film SLR 35 mm help

    What did you decide on?
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    Printer recommendations, up to A4 on a budget

    I have owned my ip7250 for approx 4 years No issues whatsoever
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    Holga, Toy, Charity Shop, Car Boot and other Bargains (film only please)

    All our local charity shops now seem to put photo gear on the bay rather than in the shop
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    Bargain basement camera

    Thanks again for all the suggestions I think an rb67 is a bit over the top at the moment Looking at praktica , seem solid simple and reasonably priced May well take a punt
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    Bargain basement camera

    Thanks for all the replies I will keep looking and steer away from the more popular and hip models
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    Bargain basement camera

    True enough Pentax Nikon and Olympus manual go for silly money Now looking at voigtlander or minolta as mentioned above
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    Bargain basement camera

    I don't mind 'basic ' Will look at minolta/Nikon Thanks
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    Bargain basement camera

    Thanks will keep looking
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    Bargain basement camera

    I shoot with fuji xe1 and x100t Have an itch to scratch Looking for a reasonable entry back into shooting film Basic slrs and p&s cameras seem to go for quite high prices on EBay I have bid unsuccessfully on a couple recently Any recommendations as to what to buy
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    The GAS confessional - all who suffer are welcome. :)

    I am hankering after a film camera , don't really know why I keep finding myself perusing all manner of offerings on the bay Flitting between 35mm slr to point and shoot
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    Best views on Anglesey

    Look at D Griff on YouTube
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    What and when was your first serious camera?

    Prinzflex 500e?? From Dixon's 're badged , zenith e