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  1. depal56

    Calling all Sony Alpha users! (Part 3)

    You have proberbly been here before but i'll ask anyway seeing as a certain Jessups branch (Cough Cough splutter) didnt seem to know or wanna know. I wanna get a shoe fitting flash for the A300 I know it has to be a sony one to make the right contacts but ive seen different model...
  2. depal56

    Calling all Sony Alpha users! (Part 2)

    Strange that Jessops would suggest models other than Sony when they apparently have a deal to sell Sony's, saying that I got my (Pucker) Sony assesories from an independant store. From my enquiry experience the level of help and expertese has varied depending on the geographical location of the...
  3. depal56

    Calling all Sony Alpha users! (Part 2)

    Well done Fabs, it looks 99% feasable it could of been my equipment in action. I wonder how weird some people must of thought I was. Some of the results cab be seen in my online album. (PS Im still practising)
  4. depal56

    Calling all Sony Alpha users! (Part 2)

    Phewwwwwwwwwww thank god! :nono:
  5. depal56

    Calling all Sony Alpha users! (Part 2)

    If he had a grey jacket a black cap and slingshot bag it could of been
  6. depal56

    Calling all Sony Alpha users! (Part 2)

    After taking pictures at St Pauls and getting the tube to take more on the entry into Trafalgar Square I ended up trapped outside the Square and stood on the Strand side behind about 6 rows of people and couldnt even get a look at the podium to take any snaps. But.... :thinking: 1) Out...
  7. depal56

    went into jessops, and the Sony ranges are appealing

    I was faced with the same delema a few weeks back and eventually walked into Jessups to get hands on experience of a cannon, but i also tried 3 other makes for comparison. As somebody on here told me ' Go with what feels right and what makes me feel good', that I did and opted for the A300 twin...
  8. depal56

    Off to Italy tomorrow - wedding shoot!

    Hacker and Dark Star you both enjoy yourselves and make sure you take some good snaps. I drove To Garda in May for a few days and had a fantastic time but only had a compact camera at the time. At least I got those memory shots that everybody wants to keep. My Garda pics examples
  9. depal56

    Early Day Motion started in Parliament regarding street photography

    Remember the days when there used to be close up shots of happy kids faces enjoying street parties or splashing about at the seaside or whatever. We can all look back at these pictures from years ago but does that mean there will now be a void of happy children on record because of the...
  10. depal56

    Remote Trigger

    Just seen your equipment so guess u know more than me, I had no joy getting what I wanted in our neck of the woods for my A300 and tried a couple of shops when i was down London, in the end i have just settled for a standard Sony 0.5 M Cable Release. Great speedway pictures buy the way, I...
  11. depal56

    Where did all the hardware come from

    I went to our local air show at Sywell Northants on Sunday 24th taking my newly acquired A300 for its first major test. I have to admit i was stunned at some of the equipment that people have and suddenly produce and I'm not talking about press photographers that were present. I hold my hand...
  12. depal56

    Ever had your camera on you and missed a great shot?

    I know exactly how you must of felt i was at an air display that afternoon and had the knack of looking the wrong way at the wrong time. But as a conselation hers the Red Arrows at Sywell Northampton maybe 10 mins after you saw them.
  13. depal56

    old but new.

    Hi...... :thumbs: and a warm welcome from one fatman to another
  14. depal56

    Calling all Sony Alpha users!

    That there be them Stan........... will check them out when I need next bit of kit although they tried hard to sell me a tamron 250 lens. I was interested in a remote cable which they had none in stock but they did have an infra red remote, it was for a Sony Alpha 100/200 ? would that be...
  15. depal56

    Calling all Sony Alpha users!

    Was looking around locally for a battery grip for a Sony A300 even before I bought the camera but started to discovered it seemed to be in short supply and in fact almost only obtainable from a well known Photo chain store with a so call deal with Sony. I could of paid my £170 and waited for...
  16. depal56

    Sheffield Cooling towers - 24th august

    Some info links Re Tower demolition for those that might of missed them: The Guardian 12th Aug Rotherham Council 20th Aug Highways Agency 20th Aug
  17. depal56

    Hi - I'm new to the forum AND to photography !

    Hi Nat and welcome from a fellow Northantee. I'm also a newbe to DSLR only last week with the same probs with old 35mm SLR equipment so took this new direction. Got myself a 7 month grandaughter and been busy snapping away especially on multi shoot to capture those expressions one normally...
  18. depal56

    Early Day Motion started in Parliament regarding street photography

    :rules: I have just spotted this thread and been trying to wade through it from the start. Since acquiring a half decent camera a week ago I've been out snapping and twice been asked by concerned parents if i was taking pictures of their kids, which of course I wasn't and willingly obliged...
  19. depal56

    Live-view - just a gimmick???

    I may not be as clever or experienced as some of you but photography and the way one goes about it is an art form wether for personal or public viewing. It shouldn't matter how the photo is obtained as long as a desired result is obtained and if that means in a crowd using my vertical tilting...
  20. depal56

    Calling all Sony Alpha users!

    One of my first pictures with my new A300
  21. depal56

    Photo Printing at home

    I have had various printers but always stick to Epson Photo printers as they have always suited me and my needs. I now have an all singing all faxing epson that does nice pictures but still hard to beat my R220 that has a seperate slide for printing onto paper covered CDs. It takes 6...
  22. depal56

    Calling all Sony Alpha users!

    :wave: OK Thanks for the help some of you passed on when making up my mind...... It's now official... I'm a Alpha A300 owner and so far WoW. Everything I seem to snap at comes out like a good picture unlike my pocket Cannon camera. Been playing all afternoon trying out both lenses (2nd being...
  23. depal56

    Calling all Sony Alpha users!

    10 hours to go before I can collect :wave:, now im having second thoughts of what i should of ordered a Tamron 200mm, Sony 200mm or Sony 300mm lens :help:. Oh well who cares its got to be better than my Cannon pocket cam
  24. depal56

    Calling all Sony Alpha users!

    :love:OK OK I'VE DONE IT My order for the A300 twin lens bundle has been placed and is now ready for collection. I'll wait till tommorrow so it feels like Xmas day and checkout the vertical grip thats not in store. :clap:
  25. depal56

    Calling all Sony Alpha users!

    :thinking: 3/4 weeks ago I was all set for a Cannon 450 but have since had hands on feels of Nikon Pentax & Sony. Each Model has something right about it for different reasons so being a vertual novice I would never recomend or condem a model BUT..... ??? .... Ive been swayed to the A300 but...
  26. depal56

    Greetings All

    :beer: Welcome Vodka! after all what drink isn't..... Hic Mmmmmmm Joe T just looked at your F1 Testing Pics @ Silverstone I was there same day looks like you were around Luffield aread. I took most of mine there but not very good using a Cannon Powershot A80 but at least my camcorder gor...
  27. depal56

    My Pentax 35mm Spotmatic Kit

    Well I had to do it didn't I. Cleanned everything up and blacked the cases back up a bit then pinched one of the wifes True Print 24 Exp rolls she uses her near freebie camera and iv'e been snapping away trying out the old DOF shots i used to do yrs ago. Doing everthing manually like...
  28. depal56

    My Pentax 35mm Spotmatic Kit

    2 @ Spotmatic bodys 1 @ Bellows 1 @ 1.63/300 Tele Takumar 1 @ 1.25/135 Super Takumar 1 @ 1.28/105 Super Takumar 1 @ 1.8 /85 Auto Takumar 1 @ 1.8 /55 Super Takumar 1 @ 1.4 /50 Super Takumar 1 @ 1.35/35 Super Takumar 1 @ 1.35/28 Super Takumar Various Lens Hoods and Cases I @...
  29. depal56

    new Canon 450D owner!!!

    Well done mate I wish the best with it all, at least you made a decision. I was vertually on the point of going for the same type of kit as that but have been tempted to swing towards the Sony A300 and cant reach a verdict. PS The wife aint going to be happy either way either :bang:
  30. depal56

    Members valued opinion please !

    Just when my mind was all made up and convinced what I was going to buy im swayed again towards a Sony A300 twins lens kit with battery grip monopod and case. I know everbody on here has there favourites and are loyal to a manufacturer but id realy like to know you're opinions...