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  1. Mr G

    Weather Photographer of the year

    Very nice
  2. Mr G

    Lightshow in the Dolomites

    Yeah great shot but I agree would be nice to see one more static, still a good shot though.
  3. Mr G


    very nice indeed
  4. Mr G

    Wild Stags in the Garden

    yeah pretty good shots considering!! you nailed the first one
  5. Mr G

    Thames Barrier

    great shot
  6. Mr G

    Liverpool Albert Dock a good way like no 3
  7. Mr G

    Gloucester Cathedral Cloisters

    nice processing and of course great shot
  8. Mr G

    New York After Dark...

    really nice shots sharp as a tack...
  9. Mr G

    Portobello Sunrise

    no1 is a lovely shot
  10. Mr G

    Buying a domain name (?)

    I use fasthosting only 19.99 for 2 years ...never had a problem easy to use and set up
  11. Mr G

    Anti virus Question

    AVG for me in the past always just used the free one, never had a problem, no need now as I have an mac
  12. Mr G

    A Buzzard taken with a Cannon

    Yeah good one
  13. Mr G

    bringing out a rainbow

    Tried it with a bit of HDR which brought it out a bit, a lot of noise now better with the raw file.
  14. Mr G

    Panamoz and Bank Transfer

    I have bought lots from them over the last 2 years great service and fast too...I did have one situation where I was billed from DHL for import tax around 3 months after buying from them, which really bothered me, as it was for over a £100, I made contact with Tina at Panamoz gave her the...
  15. Mr G

    Critique Opinions on this Robin?

    oops say what you mean don't hold back :rolleyes:
  16. Mr G

    What the hell did I do wrong here

    have a look at this vid...
  17. Mr G

    Tutorial The TP Tips Bank

    ha ha very good Hammer
  18. Mr G

    Tuesday 9th - iPhone 6 and Apple Watch day

    At that price prob not me :eek:
  19. Mr G

    FAcebook Banner Competition - September

    My effort Spanish sunrise....
  20. Mr G

    Mathews C stands

    Thanks Hoppy, should have been more clear wasn't just for speedlites but for Elinchrome lights...
  21. Mr G

    Mathews C stands

    Is there anywhere in the uk where you can get Mathew C stands ...or a quality stand equivalent for maybe speedlites or the likes. I have seen Avenger but just a bit to expensive or can anyone suggest another make.
  22. Mr G

    PocketWizard FlexTT5 misfires

    I had the same problem, sent an email to pocketwizards helpline and explained my problem, they were very good and I sent it back they fixed it and all was well.
  23. Mr G

    Ambleside Lake Windermere

    agree at least it shows promise :eek:
  24. Mr G

    Ambleside Lake Windermere

    Was down here the other week, this was early morning ..
  25. Mr G

    My little boy in his full kilt oufit

    That is sooo good