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  1. NickR

    X-T3 focus mode button

    Ah silly me, no I’ve never had that problem. I always have my hand gripping the underneath of the lens, I’ve always shot with bid heavy long lenses so I never grip the body with my left hand.
  2. NickR

    X-T3 focus mode button

    I think this is what you are after, I set the focus lever to push to unlock and only use to center or move the focus point. I set the back dial to change focus mode.
  3. NickR

    Why have prices at Digital Rev gone through the roof!

    i expect when you looked they added Duty and Vat ? Now the price is £2450. Looks like things have changed at DigitalRev as far as Tax and Duty go’s.
  4. NickR

    Duty and VAT

    the last time I purchased from DigitalRev they quoted price including UK Tax and Duty it appears now things have changed, I enquiried asking there customer service if I would pay tax and duty upon delivery this is the response:- “Dear Nick, Thank you for contacting us. DigitalRev Store is...
  5. NickR

    Photoshop CC & Lightroom 5 $9.99/month Offer

    Bargain especially if you don't own either app!
  6. NickR

    Saturday BSB Brands

    Great images matey, like the added vignette's (I think?).:thumbs::thumbs::wave:
  7. NickR

    BSB Final Brands Hatch - The iceing on the cake

    Great images, love #2 and Haga crash.:thumbs:
  8. NickR

    British Superbikes "showdown" @ Brands Hatch, Sunday 20th October 2013

    Great images, like the last one, shame about the watermarks though:thumbsdown:
  9. NickR

    Brands BSB

    Good stuff matey, really like #9 talk about riding on the edge, it was inevitable that Reid wouldn't finish the race!
  10. NickR


    Great images Gary, shame the weather messed things up for me:( would have been good to meet up. It's a shame we are forced to shoot round the back now, I'll never know why they had to put a fence up at Surtees? it was my favourite shooting location on both the Indy track and GP.
  11. NickR

    Nikon D800......

    That's annoying, I purchased mine 3 weeks ago :thumbsdown: Following your logic there will be a new D7200 and D3300? Looks like this is just a UK Cashback deal, can't see any price drops in US or anywhere else.
  12. NickR

    A few snapshots from BSB Sillystone Friday

    Ha Ha, to many Gary's about, sorry about that Andy:thumbs: Yeh I do notice that about green, if you wack the saturation up to get reds and blues accurate the greens do look wild especially grass, quite hard to get the Kawasaki's look right and stop the grass dominating to image, good thing...
  13. NickR

    A few snapshots from BSB Sillystone Friday

    Thanks Neil :thumbs: Thanks Graham, I'm not sure what happens this weekend, depends on the weather really? Thanks Gary, Do you use the Picture Control Utility to make your adjustments then import them into the camera? I not necessarily trying to duplicate the colours the Canon puts out but...
  14. NickR

    Anyone shoot sony? Love minolta lenses

    I don't shoot Sony any more but I still have Dynax 7 Film Body, Minolta 80-200 f/2.8 HS and Minolta 28-70 f/2.8. Quality kit, must get it out and shoot some film.
  15. NickR

    A few snapshots from BSB Sillystone Friday

    I think I'm nearly there with the colours? shooting JPEG it makes it a little more difficult to adjust the images in bulk, I think I'll shoot raw next time I can then work back to set the "Picture Control" for JPEG shooting so should save me some time in my workflow? I'm still learning with...
  16. NickR

    my late bsb silverstone pictures

    Great images and made greater by Glen the master :) I was as far left as you can get at vale but I guess you were there on race day so probably were stuck where you were. I use Zenfolio and FlickR for my online galleries, good thing about FlickR it's very easy to share an image on here or...
  17. NickR

    A few snapshots from BSB Sillystone Friday

    Thanks Gary, the D800 very nice :thumbs: Thanks Nick :thumbs: Thanks Gary, the eyes help make the image really, not sure how Lowes managed to see with no Dark Visor? :thumbs: Thanks Nick :thumbs: Thanks Glen, ha ha gone full circle with my camera brand, back to my roots:thumbs:, the 300...
  18. NickR


    Great images as always Gary, #1 is my favourite:thumbs: thanks for sharing :thumbs:
  19. NickR

    A few snapshots from BSB Sillystone Friday

    7/ Alex Lowes - Samsung Honda (the main challenger) Alex Lowes - Samsung Honda by Nick Railton, on Flickr 8/ 40 - Jonathan RAILTON - Boast Plumbing / Art of Racing (another biased image) 40 - Jonathan RAILTON - Boast Plumbing / Art of Racing by Nick Railton, on Flickr
  20. NickR

    A few snapshots from BSB Sillystone Friday

    Well its the 1st time out with my D800 and struggled a little with the settings but I got there in the end. Love the crop modes and super fast AF:cool: In the morning I shot from the Woodcote / Luffield Grandstand, not a bad place to be for us fence shooters as you we can get real close to the...
  21. NickR

    Silverstone BSB Round 11

    Ha Ha DITTO Graham :thumbs:
  22. NickR

    Silverstone BSB Round 11

    #7 awesome mate:), love the wide angle #11. :thumbs:
  23. NickR

    My best efforts from Silverstone BSB

    Great set of images using a great camera (apart from the EVF):thumbs:
  24. NickR

    BSB - getting silly at Sillystone

    Great set of images, love the ultra slow shutter shots, not sure about the Laverty shot, you could have asked him to take his silly hat off :-) how come the Motostar image got in lol :thumbs: Thanks for sharing:thumbs:
  25. NickR

    Silverstone BSB Round 11

    Lovely set, razor sharp as always !:thumbs:
  26. NickR

    BSB Showdown - Silverstone through the fence

    Great set of images , thanks for sharing :thumbs:
  27. NickR

    2nd time ever shooting bikes <----noob

    This is the best out of the lot :) They're all top draw images, you're no noob :). I did a bit Friday but struggled with the rain in the morning and bright light fence shooting in the afternoon, mine aren't in this league :( Thanks for sharing.:thumbs:
  28. NickR

    Lexar vs Sandisk

    Consider Transcend, cheaper, reliable and fast.
  29. NickR

    GoPro Alternative?

    Sony HDR-AS15, I paid £169 from Park Cameras but it looks like they're not selling them any more, I purchased it because it was cheap and can connect via wifi with the iPhone Playmemories App. We attached it to the top fork yoke of the bike, not a very permanent setup but early days, need to...
  30. NickR

    Tried the 'Dark Side' shots over 1/50th

    I like 1 and 4 best, you did well getting the cars pin sharp, well done :)