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  1. oskanoears

    Creative studio lighting and photography course west midlands

    joker by andrew jacques, on Flickr you can also message me if you want to know any more. Cheers Andy
  2. oskanoears

    Dunwich Heath

    cracking image, well captured and processed
  3. oskanoears

    Smokin Dancer

    Cheers folks, Droj - best quote on one of my pictures ever!
  4. oskanoears

    A Prayer for the Fallen

    great concept and well executed
  5. oskanoears

    Image Blending

    excellent stuff!
  6. oskanoears

    Smokin Dancer

    Thank you for the kind comments folks
  7. oskanoears

    Smokin Dancer

    Thanks for the comments folks, glad you like it
  8. oskanoears

    Smokin Dancer

    Hi Folks, I haven't posted on here for bloody ages.. I had a play with some joss sticks and off camera flash today.. then blended the images in Photoshop to create this.. Cheers Andy
  9. oskanoears

    New Forum User - A selection of my Night/Astro Photos

    Hi Jason, welcome to the forum some really nice stuff here, the storm shot is excellent! did you use a lightening trigger? Cheers Andy
  10. oskanoears

    The Eye, Bristol

    shot 2 is excellent scott, really great work, thanks for sharing cheers andy
  11. oskanoears

    Foggy sunset over Parliament and the London Eye

    number 2 is just awesome, really nice shot, thanks for sharing
  12. oskanoears

    Critique mono toned take on one of the quayside shots.

    superb image and great processing too
  13. oskanoears

    Autumn falls

    Taken on a recent outing c and c welcome Cheers Andy
  14. oskanoears

    Fluffy Seal

    Thanks John, Ive got lots of other shots like the ones on the forum and thus decided to show something a little different instead. Cheers for the comments
  15. oskanoears

    Fluffy Seal

    Hi Folks, gratuitous fluffy seal shot, taken on a recent outing to Donna Nook. Cheers Andy
  16. oskanoears

    The Avenue

    Hi Folks, I snagged this one on a recent outing, hope you like it. Cheers Andy
  17. oskanoears


    The black and white works well here Geoff, a great looking location.. Worthy of a 4 seasons set I reckon.
  18. oskanoears

    penshaw monument

    The repost is superb, excellent stuff
  19. oskanoears

    Kings Cross Station

    Cracking image, nicely processed
  20. oskanoears

    Light painted Tong Church (St Bartholemews)

    Thanks for the feedback folks, interesting that you all pick number 1 over number 3. I do now agree that the natural processed image is the winner. Thanks all for taking the time to review the shots and comment. Cheers Andy
  21. oskanoears

    Light painted Tong Church (St Bartholemews)

    Thanks for the considered comments, I'm quite pleased with the outcome of the shots. I always find it significantly harder to photograph and create images from landscapes that are well known to me; I've a dilapidated windmill a stones throw from my front door that I've never shot, yet will...
  22. oskanoears

    Light painted Tong Church (St Bartholemews)

    Hi Folks I revisited this church this week for a bit of fun stuff, out came the torch and the 14-24. Tong is relatively rural and it was pitch black during shooting so the light pollution was more than I thought it would have been, however i quite like the red glow and think it adds something to...
  23. oskanoears

    Clevedon dusk

    Stellar image, I actually disagree with a few others comments. The lead in and brightness are naturally enhanced, subtle processing and strong composition bought together for a very solid image that ticks all the boxes for me. Id be interested to see another copy of this with a warmer temp grad...
  24. oskanoears

    Spanish Architecture

    Corking images Mark very well composed and processed.
  25. oskanoears

    Read sign carefully

    "darling, I've decided to take the train to work today"
  26. oskanoears

    The Shrine

    Thanks folks, it's a member of the Vernon family, something to to with Henry the 7ths brother.. It's steeped in history and architecturally stunning. Cheers Andy
  27. oskanoears

    The Shrine

    This was taken at my local church. It doesn't set me on fire but its certainly interesting! The church itself is steeped in history and dates back to the 1400's and features in the top churches to visit in the UK [/url] The Shrine by andy&nic, on Flickr[/IMG] C and C welcome...
  28. oskanoears

    14-24 test images at raf cossford museum

    Cheers for the comments folks.