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    Mobile Phone Takeover?

    What do you people make of the latest mobile phones and their ability to take great photos? With Huawei bringing out a 3 lens Leica setup recently on their Mate 20 Pro and now rumours starting to swirl about Apple following suit, the days of small digital cameras must surely now be over and they...
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    Fuji x100/S/T/F Owners Thread

    All done :)
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    Long exposure but with a moving boat....

    why not do a longish exposure about 10 - 20 seconds worth and get the boat in the shot, but blurry drag shot, far more arty, could be a good shot.
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    Is your mate called Bob? in Cornwall cos i know a Bob and he said he had sensor marks on his exactly after 20 shots too!!!
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    Beginner Progression from speed lights

    Sorry what I meant to say was after using speed lights if one was to progress onto a more powerful lighting what would generally be the next step be?
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    Beginner Progression from speed lights

    I am only just a beginner really when it comes to outdoor flash lighting so am happy using speed lights. However after watching many outdoor location videos the photographers are seen to be using elinchrom quadras with ranger battery packs for more powerful lighting. Not that I would be...
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    Nikon SU-800 Info needed please.

    brilliant thank you all for your input, been a great help
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    Nikon SU-800 Info needed please.

    i`m using a Nikon D300s, and would only be interested in using the flash sb-600's in manual mode not TTL
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    Nikon SU-800 Info needed please.

    At the minute i currently use Yongnuo RF602's trigger and receivers for off camera flash, but it can be a PITA sometimes going back and forth to my light stands adjusting the power on my Nikon SB-600's. Now i have been looking at the SU-800, now apologies for asking what may seem a very basic...
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    Does the softbox do the trick

    or flip it around and have a little bit of control if its got a black back you can attach or this is even better
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    Easy-open softboxes (the umbrella type)

    Westcott Rapid box is what your talking about i believe. these are WAY cheaper though®-Professional-Octagon-Softbox-Reflector/dp/B017W57TAY/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1456996895&sr=1-1&keywords=Phot-R
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    Does the softbox do the trick

    surely a speedlight with a shoot through umbrella would do the trick? And be the cheapest way in if you have a speedlight already? That kit Phil V has suggested does look good though
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    Clifton Cameras store, Dursley, Gloucestershire

    That video has been edited heavily, news reports outlets have said that the lads spoke to the staff 3 times.
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    i`m gonna get one.......................... In about 5 years when they drop to £300-£400
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    drop used prices of D300s? they are already like £250-£300 but hey i`ll take em cheaper, ideal camera for abusing at football games
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    Are most of us just p***ing about ...?

    You might not like Cornish's work, but the guy makes a living from it, which really alot of you would love to do if you could.
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    Why is there an ISO difference between Crop and Full Frame images I've taken?

    Nothing to do with the OP question, but i love that crop sensor pic, more than the Full Frame.
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    Ignorant People and (parents) at Zoos etc (Rant alert)

    We were all kids at some point!!
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    Reminder: Adobe offer £6.98pm until 28 August

    I know the offer has now finished, but how long would it have stayed at £6.98 a month for? 12 months?
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    windows 10 cant see images

    Fuji have acknowledge this problem and are releasing a firmware update for it, Nikon to follow????
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    Man enough for Lightroom/Photoshop??

    Its a samsung laptop so not sure what hard drive is in there prob something like a 5200rpm i expect., currently running windows 10. a macbook pro would be perfect i reckon but think i would struggle with a 13" screen, and think the 15" screen is mega bucks! But seriously are most macbook owners...
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    Man enough for Lightroom/Photoshop??

    Hi guys wondering if you can help me, i`m currently using a laptop which has Intel Core I3-2328M @ 2.33GHz, 6GB Ram and am finding it a bit of struggle with lightroom 5 sometimes, it occasionally just seem to be forever loading images etc, export pictures is slow. now been looking at this, and...
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    windows 10 cant see images

    Hi, Upgraded to windows 10 with no problems until now, when i connect my Nikon D300s or Fuji x100s up to the computer, when i access the camera through windows explorer it cannot `see` the images (files) although it shows (3gb of 6gb used or whatever). So it tells me how much has been used on...
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    Nikon Servicing

    Hi, I use a Nikon D300s and 70-200mm VR1 for local football at the weekends every weekend, and while the setup performs brilliantly every weekend, i was wondering if there was a such a thing as a service for the camera and lens to `perk` it up at all and make sure everything is smooth (zoom...
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    Fuji x100/S/T/F Owners Thread

    On the `S` model you press up on the d pad to go into move focus point mode.
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    Fuji x100/S/T/F Owners Thread

    thought i would share one of my images from me new Fuji x100s Silver that i got on saturday, although i shot this in RAW and put my tones on it i like, The colours, quality and black/whites images from the jpgs are awesome
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    Fuji x100/S/T/F Owners Thread

    LOL and WOW
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    Full Frame v Crop - Real World Opinions

    just read this, i know its a fuji crop but is this right? lol
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    Fuji x100

    Also i firmly believe the x100s WILL get the classic chrome preset just cant see why they wouldn`t especially with the pros using it on hacked x100s already. EVF prob wont get a change and maybe just maybe there may be a rise in the shutter speed but not as high as 1/32000