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  1. Sko77y

    Honeymoon Trip

    Thanks everyone, maybe I've described it badly but it's not a photography holiday, I just want to get the best photos I can get from the places we go see. I think I'll take both primes if I have space and leave the tripod.
  2. Sko77y

    Honeymoon Trip

    Hi, got my honeymoon to Hong Kong, Seoul South Korea and Japan coming up in may. I'm keen to take my 5d mk1 with me, but I've not got a great selection of lenses. I'm thinking would it be enough to take a nifty 50 and a 28mm f2.8 prime, travel tripod and filters. Reason I ask is i can't...
  3. Sko77y

    Critique Mclaren 570GT - Lightpainted

    Thanks Chris, got some solid feedback from @Circuit Hero so in the process of re-editing this image. I'll post the results when done.
  4. Sko77y

    Critique Mclaren 570GT - Lightpainted

    Thanks @Kodiak Qc, I did a rush job in lightroom to try tone them down a tad, I'll go back in and remove them completely.
  5. Sko77y

    Critique Mclaren 570GT - Lightpainted

    Third shoot of 2017 for me, a Mclaren 570GT in white with Graphite coloured detail. Only the one image to post for now: Mclaren 570GT by Scott Reid, on Flickr As always, open to crit, both good and bad. Will post more late, Scott
  6. Sko77y

    Critique Lotus Exige V6 - Lightpainting

    Cheers Phil, appreciate taking the time for some detailed feedback. Will have a look into more swirly stuff in future to add some interest.
  7. Sko77y

    Audi RS4 Photo/Video Shoot

    Love a performance estate. Only shots really missing are a dead centre shot from the rear (high or low) and a couple more shots showing the carbon and intricate details. Otherwise spot on. Video looks really good, only thing I could think to say would be watch out for stray street lights...
  8. Sko77y

    Critique Lotus Exige V6 - Lightpainting

    Thanks Phil, appreciate the feedback, I've had similar about the floor material which is a shame as it's such a good spot for lightpainting. Next set I'm trying to reduce the lighting on it in pp. Is there anything glaringly obvious that's wrong with the external 3/4 shots?
  9. Sko77y

    Critique Lotus Exige V6 - Lightpainting

    Thanks Chris, appreciate the feedback.
  10. Sko77y

    Critique Lotus Exige V6 - Lightpainting

    Thanks @HERC , really is a lovely example, the yellow makes it look fairly special. Wouldn't have the same impact in a bland colour. Thanks @HopefulM, always happy to help :)
  11. Sko77y

    Critique Lotus Exige V6 - Lightpainting

    Well second shoot is now out of the way for 2017, a lovely Lotus Exige V6 ins striking yellow. Here is a small selection of some of the shots taken: #1. Lotus Exige V6 #6 by Scott Reid, on Flickr #2. Lotus Exige V6 #5 by Scott Reid, on Flickr #3. Lotus Exige V6 #4 by Scott Reid, on Flickr...
  12. Sko77y

    Critique BMW E36 (Lightpainted)

    Thanks Ado, it's an LED light in a softbox arrangement, would certainly recommend giving light-painting a shot if you haven't already.
  13. Sko77y

    Critique BMW E36 (Lightpainted)

    First shoot out of the way for 2017, a drfit spec BMW E36. Shot in a small shed full of stuff in the freezing cold. Comments and Critique welcome as always (good & bad): #1. Drift E36 #4 by Scott Reid, on Flickr #2. Drift E36 #3 by Scott Reid, on Flickr #3. Drift E36 #2 by Scott Reid, on...
  14. Sko77y

    Nissan GTR

    As @foggy4ever says, a CPL is your best friend with this sort of stuff. I really like the location (and the GTR), a CPL will make a wonder of difference. Don't skimp on which one you buy and it'll pay for itself :) Scott
  15. Sko77y

    Chevy Impala Supernatural

    #8 would be my pick, closely followed by #5, then #6. #2 & #7 the weakest, #2 would be better with the car in the centre and #& doens't suit the central crop and the car angles upwards. Nailed the interior shots as per :D
  16. Sko77y

    Monthly Sko77y's Project

    So...I've considered starting a project like this for the past three years, but never do and always "forget". So I'm starting this to encourage me to actually finish a project, rather than plan, accumulate and forget. Brief: Use my Product Photography Light Tent (used once I should add), to...
  17. Sko77y

    WRC Spain 2016

    #4 & #6 for me, but #4 would be the my pick, really see how far you've come since your first posts. Makes me want to have a crack at some rally photography!
  18. Sko77y

    Lambo - Client Shoot

    Lovely car and I like the wrap. I'd watch the white balance (looks blue/purple on my screen) and some of the light streaks on the both the front, light and wing mirror as these could be easily cleaned up at the shoot or in PP. I like the framing of the car, enveloped in darkness suits it, very...
  19. Sko77y

    (Automotive) Advice/Critique Please - First time speedlite shoot.

    Just a couple from me: Location: as with light painting you really need to watch ambient light or account for it with a higher lower f-stop, with the shallow D.O.F in your other shots, it'd suggest why the ambient light is so bright in comparison to the flash. White Balance: if you can't get...
  20. Sko77y

    Black Friday list?

    Cracking price! may have to get one as well!
  21. Sko77y


    Shots look amazing, nice to get a look at them before we fly out on Firday for a few days. Not sure I'll be able to take anything similar, very impressive. Intention is to take my CSC point and shoot, least better than a phone camera. We've booked golden circle, blue lagoon, northern lights...
  22. Sko77y

    FIA ERC Latvia 2016

    #1 and #4 for me, but #1 is the best rally shot I've seen in a while. Love how it's framed bythe flying dirt.
  23. Sko77y

    Nissan Silvia S14 'Kouki' - Lightpainted

    Thanks Steve, actually tried contacting a magazine about these but just got ignored, maybe try a few more. Followed you back (Flickr), but not had a chance to look through yet :D
  24. Sko77y

    Nissan Silvia S14 'Kouki' - Lightpainted

    Thanks Daniel,3's something I've tried once before just as a bit of fun, ended up working out quite well then if it led to confusion initially :D It's actually his boss's unit, chance happening, helped that it was practically immaculate in the middle of a dust bowl. Finding more and more with...
  25. Sko77y

    Nissan Silvia S14 'Kouki' - Lightpainted

    Thanks Steve, much appreciated.
  26. Sko77y

    Nissan Silvia S14 'Kouki' - Lightpainted

    So since my other thread keeps loosing Flickr links, I'll stick to posting a thread every now and then instead. (Old thread HERE) Most recent shoot for me, a serious drift spec Nissan Silvia S14 'Kouki' from a local lad who's part of @doric_drift on Instagram. As always comments/critique...
  27. Sko77y

    Critique Ford Focus Mk3

    First shot and the rig shot are very well done indeed :)
  28. Sko77y

    Sko77y - Automotive Shoots/Lightpainting

    Cheers mate much appreciated, like I say a few things still to come. Hopefully generate some interest locally and save me having to spend so much time chasing people.
  29. Sko77y

    Slammed Audi on air..

    Quite tight crops on most of the full car shots, a bit more space around the car would be of benefit. Also are you using a CPL? Would be worth investing in one if not.
  30. Sko77y

    Sko77y - Automotive Shoots/Lightpainting

    Not a lot has happened since May, shoots gradually picking up now the nights are getting darker and being more proactive in contacting people. Busy working away on S14 Kouki and Rx-7 shoots as we speak. In the meantime here's a capture from a recent trip round the NC500: NC500 #1 by Scott...