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  1. kev_blizard

    Barn Owl

    I can never seem to catch these beauties with enough light :(
  2. kev_blizard

    YouTube Bird Photographers

    Also a guy to follow is Trond Westby think he’s from Norway
  3. kev_blizard

    This mornings Barn owl

    Not at all Mike your pp is far better than mine but then again I'm getting too old to learn new tricks
  4. kev_blizard

    This mornings Barn owl

    Thanks Les and yes it's noisy it would have been in the reagion of 20k
  5. kev_blizard

    This mornings Barn owl

    My local spot where I have the pleasure of two Barn oils out together morning and night, my neck gets sore swivelling around trying to keep an eye on both of them lol
  6. kev_blizard

    Bearded Tits

    Cracking set Russ ! I've to just Sussed out who you are even tho we are friends on FB from muddy boots cafe
  7. kev_blizard

    Bearded Tits

    Cracking set Russ ! I've to just Sussed out who you are even tho we are friends on FB from muddy boots cafe
  8. kev_blizard

    Duty lifeguard

  9. kev_blizard

    Spitfire turning away

    Just noticed it , im sure Canon has put an oil can inside the body
  10. kev_blizard

    Spitfire turning away

    No always a fan of pictures of planes flying away from me but taken at 160th and 600mm I quite like it
  11. kev_blizard

    Mustang at Duxford

  12. kev_blizard

    Heron coming into land

  13. kev_blizard

    Donington no longer photographer friendly.

    You forgot one that boils my p*** “ Signage “ it’s everywhere warning this warning that grr
  14. kev_blizard

    In love

    Another from Bempton
  15. kev_blizard

    In love

    Another from Bempton
  16. kev_blizard

    Look at me im beautiful

    Along with the brutal day we also have this :)
  17. kev_blizard

    Brutal day at Bempton

    watch these two fighting for over 30 mins on the right to a suitable nest location
  18. kev_blizard

    Photographing the London Marathon

    My wife ran the London marathon a few years ago I dropped her off at the start then I made my way to the Victoria monument in front of Buck house on the mall and stayed there. Think I arrived there about 0730, plenty happening from that time onwards and lots to photograph .. I pre arranged...
  19. kev_blizard


    Not posted for awhile but waxwings are a first for me , the light was very poor so I tried to concentrate one the birds that were lower down in the tree's with a house to the rear of the tree
  20. kev_blizard

    Hen Harrier

    I had a brief encounter with one in the Peak District fitted with a tracker and given the name Arther, 3 weeks later it's appeared to have meet its demise on the North Yorkshire moors with no trace of the bird or its tracker Nice image Btw
  21. kev_blizard

    Typhoon in LFA 7

  22. kev_blizard

    Red Kites

    Very nice shots, would these be taken at the cafe by any chance as I've been there a few times and a great location
  23. kev_blizard

    Canon 1D X Mk II Owners Thread

    Oh and BTW if you use Sandisc CFast cards, it is suggested by Sandisc that they be "sanitised" every so often to maintain optimum performance. I will shoot manual probably 90% of the time in raw and let the auto iso do its thing unless my background remains constant On the CFast card I've...
  24. kev_blizard

    Let's see your amusing sign shots

    Took this a few years ago in South Africa
  25. kev_blizard

    canon 400 2.8 is - repair anyone had?

    yes I had a 400 f2.8 is mk1 and had the mounting ring replaced, sent it in from Harrisons in Sheffield and I'm sure it was less that 300 quid :)
  26. kev_blizard

    Tornado at Cad West

    Spent two days on the hills last Tuesday and Wednesday , as usual all four seasons with first thing Tuesday been a white out and the wind both days was relentless , first thing Tuesday morning was a bit trying lol
  27. kev_blizard

    F15 top shelf @the Bwich

    Canon gear and 600mm lens
  28. kev_blizard

    F15 top shelf @the Bwich

    no the sound up on the hills is awesome