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  1. mcneep

    Beginner What Bag?

    I looked at this, but according to the official sizes it would'nt fit within the Delta carry on size limit :( Thinking of Ditching the 70-200 for the trip as not even sure if I would use it.
  2. mcneep

    Beginner What Bag?

    HI All, Just bought another bag from Amazon that will be going back as it's not a good fit. My Kit is Nikon D750, Tamron 24-70mm f2.8, Tamron 70-200mm f2.8, and a 50mm f1.8. I'm looking for a bag that also has some storage for like suntan lotion, wallet, usb powerbank and some snacks when the...
  3. mcneep

    BTCC Brands Hatch 2017

    Thanks folks, the BMW Pirtek car looked awesome in the sunshine. There are more in my Flickr album.
  4. mcneep

    BTCC Brands Hatch 2017

    First time with a DSLR in many Years so nice and happy with the results. All images shot using a Nikon D7000 and Nikon 18-200mm lens. All shots edited with Windows 10 photo editor. BTCC Brands Hatch by Scotland_77, on Flickr BTCC Brands Hatch by BTCC Brands Hatch by Scotland_77, on Flickr...
  5. mcneep

    BTCC Brands Hatch

    Hi, Anyone going to Brands on 1st/2nd April for the touring car opener? We are coming down from Glagow, trying to get my oldest daughter interested in it so I can go more :) Was thinking of buying her a cheap camera from MPB, maybe a D3000/D5000. Would a 18-105 be ok for her to get decent...
  6. mcneep

    What did the postman bring you today!!?

    Couriers visited 3 times today :) Gopro Hero 4 Silver, a refurb from Gopro direct ..... just found a vertical white line through all test videos :( Support call raised. Various bits and bobs from amazon, new lightning cables for the iPhone, spare batteries, Lexar USB 3.0 card reader, 64Gb Lexar...
  7. mcneep

    Finally back in the game :)

    Hi All, Finally managed to get a camera back after selling all my Nikon kit about 5 years ago, I am now the proud owner of a Sony RX10 Mk1 preloved from Wex. Looking for any tips or suggestions to get the best out of it. Cheers
  8. mcneep


    WOW, just logged in and your image appeared on the home page. Absolutely stunning image.
  9. mcneep

    Big bridge up north

    Its a close one for me between 2 & 3, I think 2 just gets it as it's a nice unusual take and I love the sun in it but both are crackers.
  10. mcneep

    Playing with Xmas tree lights

    That's a cool shot, can I ask if you would share how you did this as I thought the element would have caused the shot to be way to bright normally?
  11. mcneep

    Free Photography Kindle Books

    Thanks for these, good wee addition to my kindle collection. Cheers
  12. mcneep

    Delta Airliner and Nikon P900

    That's a bridge camera? holy molie excellent shot.
  13. mcneep

    Offshore - Subsea Contruction

    Thanks for sharing, some very good unusual shots :) looking forwards to seeing some more.
  14. mcneep

    Critique Glasgow Riverside this AM - Colours and BNW

    2nd one is my favourite Steve, looks nice and peaceful. Don't envy you heading out early tomorrow it's freezing here just now.
  15. mcneep


    That's a lovely shot, thought it was Glasgow at 1st with the bridge but then read the description :)
  16. mcneep

    Titan crane on Clyde Glasgow

    Nice shot, good to see local landmarks on here :)
  17. mcneep

    Best moon photo taken with an old Pentax Ist 6mp!!

    Stunning Images, so detailed I love them. When I get a new camera will need to give this a try :)
  18. mcneep

    B&W or colour

    Hi, I prefer the B&W as I the colour one distracts me with the blanket behind.
  19. mcneep


    Very cool fun shots, is that damage covered by your house insurance :rolleyes:
  20. mcneep

    Oldest object

    The 2nd shot is my favourite out of the 2, very nice with the different textures of the smooth keys and wood grain.
  21. mcneep

    They have teeth!

    Nice shot, but they are scarily ugly!
  22. mcneep

    Many years ago

    That's fantastic, if I had not seen shot 2 I would have thought it was taken at a fly past :) Thanks for sharing how it was done.
  23. mcneep

    D600 or D7100

    Hi HTID, I don't have accesss to the FS section. Can I ask why you are selling it, have you upgraded to a newer one?
  24. mcneep

    D600 or D7100

    Thanks Mark, can I ask why you hared the 7100?
  25. mcneep

    New York Duotone...

    Brilliant shots, number 3 is my favourite. NYC is a place I would love to visit and your images just make me want to more. Thanks for sharing
  26. mcneep

    Workshop central scotland

    There is a workshop the last sunday of every month on the Scottish Canals website - I used to work there, but have no idea what the workshop is like as it's a 3rd party that runs it.
  27. mcneep

    D600 or D7100

    Hi Folks, Looking to get back into shooting after being away from it for a few years. I've been looking on Ebay at the D600 and D7100. If you had the choice can you let me know what you would go for and why? What do I like shooting, basically anything apart from wildlife outside of a Zoo...
  28. mcneep

    1st picture in a long time!

    Hi, Just getting back into photography and have bought a D7000 with 18-105mm, this is one of the first pictures I have taken with it. Mooring (1 of 1) by Scotland_77, on Flickr
  29. mcneep

    Beginner New Nikon D7100 recommendations please

    Hi Dave, I've used the Meike ones in the past with no issue. However having kids and reading/watching the horror stories about cheap batteries, I am now in 2 minds my self when it comes to spare batteries and a grip. I'm thinking of a Meike grip, and possibly a duracell battery as it's at...