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  1. Phil Sage

    Oval Track Legends at Ipswich - June 2019

    Top pics Martin !
  2. Phil Sage

    Computer monitor

    bought a monitor lol, thanks for the advice though !
  3. Phil Sage

    Oval Track Legends at Ipswich - June 2019

    Love the pics, gives a real sense of movement !
  4. Phil Sage

    Computer monitor

    not sure of specs, might try it first, suck it and see....its for free so nowt to loose !
  5. Phil Sage

    Computer monitor

    Im upgrading my pc, ive been offered a 24" smart TV, is this a good option to use as a monitor or should i keep away and buy a new monitor ?
  6. Phil Sage

    Insta or Flickr

    Good afternoon, what do ppl prefer for posting photos. Instagram or Flicker, any pro's or cons, better features and benefits ?
  7. Phil Sage

    Fire breathers

    Thank you everyone ! great tips and advice, pics to follow !!
  8. Phil Sage

    Fire breathers

    I was thinking of using a flash to highlight the performer and use i smaller aperture to stop the flame being blown out.
  9. Phil Sage

    Fire breathers

    Good afternoon, I've been asked to do a photo shoot of "fire dancers and breathers" It will be at 18.30-20.00 so not dark. Has anyone had experience of this. I've a general idea of camera settings and lenses to use but you cant beat real life experiences. Any advice will be greatly appreciated !
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  13. Phil Sage

    Brands Hatch Blancpain

    I like all of them being a petrol head, it bit of heat shimmer to boot ! Different capture and composition.
  14. Phil Sage

    Canon Lenses

    Hi, half my post was cut off, i have a 24 mm, a 50 mm and two kit lenses, 17-55 and the 75-300, i'm looking to buy a 18-135, will this be a good interim lens to save me changing lenses between my two kit lenses. Im prepared to spend up to £400-500 if necessary for the right lens as i don't want...
  15. Phil Sage

    Canon Lenses

    Good morning, ive been using my dslr for a couple of years now and want to expand my range of lenses,
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  17. By gone days

    By gone days

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