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  1. izi0

    As I'm new here, I want to show some of my work and see what you think

    the original was 3408x4544 - 10Mb and I've resized it to 772x1024 - 156kb which of course it's way too small :cautious: original JPG can be seen here
  2. izi0

    motorbikes old/ thread??

    Old-ish / new-ish ride in its perfect environment
  3. izi0

    Best website building website for a photography portfolio?

    Not sure if you want to build a website for professional or amateur purpose, but in my case I made it on Weebly and it's 100% free.
  4. izi0

    Panasonic S1, S1R

    Here's a couple of samples :)
  5. izi0

    Panasonic S1, S1R

    I've bought the S1r 2 weeks ago and I'm already loving it especially now that I have the adapter with a fast canon lens
  6. izi0

    SIGMA L-mount fp

    Very interesting concept... perfect for a light l-mount setup
  7. izi0

    A couple of portraits...

    ...taken with my latest toys: new body, adapter and lens What do you think?
  8. izi0

    As I'm new here, I want to show some of my work and see what you think

    A shot from my latest trip to Greece (btw what's the max file size for picture upload?)
  9. izi0

    Hi, I'm izi0

    Thank you very much sirch! I'll dig into it
  10. izi0

    Laptop for backpacking

    Hi Nick, I have a Dell XPS 13 and it's now 3 years old and still working very well. I use it mainly for photography (Lightroom CC and Photoshop)... I bet you could find a used one for a good price (I suggest you a i7 with 16gb ram)
  11. izi0

    Hi, I'm izi0

    Thanks guys What's the best way to share my pictures? Do I need to open a thread or can I post somewhere specific? Thanks
  12. izi0

    Hi, I'm izi0

    Hi everybody, I'm izi0, a micro43 and newly FF amateur photographer from the Midlands. Hope to get good communication and some tricks on photography events &co.